A Cool Treatment for the Cold Weather

With the cold weather on its way, let’s just sit back and think about what’s going to change. No more Sun. No more beaches. No more backyard drinking with friends. Maybe even no going outside altogether, if you live in a colder area of the world.

And with all this staying at home, we pay a price. The price of putting on a few extra pounds as we spend our time stuffing ourselves with greenhouse veggies and a whole bunch of junk food. It’s cold outside, so you can’t really jog. Or it may just be too cold to go to the gym (or pretty much any other excuse not to go to the gym). 

But if you’re worried about putting on a few pounds in unwanted places, don’t worry. If you live in a major metropolitan area, then chances are you’ve heard of Coolsculpting, NYC’s favorite body chiseling treatment. As the name implies, it’s a cool new way to burn away the unwanted fat. And by “burn”, we mean freeze it off.

Never Heard of It

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of Coolsculpting NYC. It has become quite fond of it for a reason, as there are many clinics all around the area which offer this treatment. But before we talk about what Coolsculpting is, we have to get a little background knowledge on what happens and why. 

You probably know that our bodies are full of this tissue called “fat”. It’s completely natural and healthy to have fat in you. In fact, your body has many uses for fat. But too much of something is never good. And while fat can mean a lot of advantages, it can also be quite uncomfortable to have fat in unwanted places.

An example of this is the inner thigh. Too many layers of fat can result in rashy skin and discomfort when doing something as simple as walking. And this is just one of the many annoyances that can occur.

And these layers of fat are very hard to burn away naturally, as they occur on parts of the body which may be difficult to properly tone. But for Coolsculpting, difficult areas are its speciality, as the treatment utilizes special kinds of vacuum like pumps, which produce a certain low temperature, which causes fat cells to destroy themselves, basically committing cell suicide. 

When fat cells come into contact with low temperatures of a certain level, they basically destroy themselves. After some time, the body naturally flushes them away and the fat cells never grow there (unless the person goes back and starts stuffing themselves with nacho cheese again.) This means you can burn away the fat in the most uncomfortable places on your body, which is very hard to do with standard exercise. And best of all, the procedure is non-invasive. This means there’s not going to be any cuts or pulls or slashes or stitching. 

This also means that it can be used on a larger variety of areas on the body. It’s most popular areas of use have been the area under the belly, inner and outer thighs, as well as the hips, to chisel out those love handles.

The Coolsculpting pumps are placed on the designated parts of the body you wish to treat. They then generate a certain type of temperature which kills the fat cells. The temperature itself revolves around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cold, but not too bad. 

Keep in mind; the pumps may be placed there for around 40 minutes, but within the first 5 minutes, your body will have gotten used to the cold and you’ll barely feel a thing, especially since part of your body being treated will become numb. During this time you can read a book or a magazine, chat with friends, watch something on TV. The procedure doesn’t really require you to be awake either, so you can even take a nap. 

It’s quite a lay-back procedure, with no pain at all and very little discomfort, but only if you have very sensitive skin. Otherwise there’s really nothing to worry about when heading in for the treatment.

After the Procedure

Don’t expect to come out of the procedure looking completely different. It’s not as easy or as quick as one, two, three. The fat cells have been exposed to the cold temperature, which means their self-destruct buttons have been pressed and they have begun to deteriorate.

But even once they completely destroy themselves, you will still need to wait for your body to naturally flush them out of your body. This could take some time, even several weeks, so you have to be patient. But once the dead cells have been cleaned out, expect tone in places you never thought you could ever chisel out.

And as far as side-effects go, there’s very little to mention. Obviously, there’s going to be a little discomfort directly following the procedure. The skin will get sensitive and red where the pumps were placed, but once you get them off and the skin starts to get warmer, this sensation will go away and you’ll be back to your normal self in no time.

And Where to Go

Now, many clinics of Coolsculpting; NYC has become somewhat of an epicenter for skin and body treatments. But if you’re looking for a trusted clinic and don’t really want to spend time researching others, then I can save you some precious time by telling you about MiracleFace MedSpa, one of Manhattan’s most trusted clinics.

With many clients enjoying the great atmosphere, friendly staff and seasoned veterans of the industry, MiracleFace MedSpa has been putting smiles on the clients’ faces for many years now. Simple go to the website to learn more about the clinic, find feedback from the clients themselves and check out what the staff at the clinic can help in regards to getting the Coolsculpting treatment.

So don’t be afraid of the cold. No, use it to your advantage and tone your body to perfection with Coolsculpting, NYC’s coolest way to chisel your body.