7 Tell-tale Signs You’re Ready to Buy Your Dream Motorbike

So, you’ve been wanting a motorbike for quite some time. Maybe all of your friends have one and you feel left out, or maybe you’ve been hoping to get one for another reason. Regardless, you know that purchasing your own motorbike is something that you eventually want but don’t know when you’ll actually get it.

But what’s stopping you? Is it the hefty cost? Are you just uncertain which motorbike to get? Are you unsure whether or not you truly want to buy a motorbike at all? Chances are, there’s a reason you keep delaying that big purchase.

If you’re finally ready to turn your motorbike dream into a reality, the following seven signs will make it clear to you that it’s time to make it happen soon.


  • You already know what motorbike you want.


If you can already envision what your dream motorcycle will look like and perhaps have already compared prices between different bikes, you’re one step closer to actually buying your dream motorbike. Already knowing what you want, the process should be much easier going forward.

Whether you think you have an idea of the motorcycle you want or not, be sure to check out the American Motorcycle Trading Company website to scope different styles and prices of motorbikes.


  • You’ve rode a motorbike before.


Many folks love the idea of driving a motorbike, but a decent chunk of those people have never actually driven, let alone ridden on, one before. Some may find that a motorcycle is more difficult to operate than they anticipated.

That said, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the feel of a motorbike before you decide to purchase your own. It wouldn’t be very wise to buy a motorcycle only to later have to get rid of it because you don’t like to, or can’t, drive it the way you imagined.

Whether you’re just beginning to ride a motorcycle or have been riding one for years, taking a motorcycle safety course can help you learn the skills necessary to become a better, safer motorcycle driver.


  • You have or will soon have your motorcycle license.


Just like most of us wait until we have our driver license to get our first car, many wait until they have their motorcycle license to get a motorbike. We tend to do this for a plausible reason: because we want to be able to legally drive our motorcycle by the time we get it.

Although you will typically not need a motorcycle license in order to buy and own a motorcycle of your own, it’s still a good and logical idea to obtain your license prior to making this purchase.


  • You are aware of the dangers of riding a motorbike.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration, 5,172 motorcyclists were killed in crashes in 2017 in the U.S. alone. These fatalies may have been a result of the motorcylist’s mistake themselves or of another motorist, person, animal, or object on the road.

Regardless, knowing what it takes to be a safe motorcyclist is important. Likewise, knowing what dangers a motorcylist may face and how to prevent those dangers (e.g., wearing proper riding equipment) as much as posible is critical.


  • You know what the care and maintenance for a motorbike entails.


If you can barely take care of your car, how can you expect to care for a motorbike? Although motorbikes are smaller and thus easier to upkeep than a car, a motorcycle might not be for you if providing maintenance and care every now and then for it isn’t something you’re up for.

Part of maintaining a motorbike involves regularly checking the tires, replacing the engine oil, adjusting the clutch as necessary, keeping the air filter clean, maintaining the transmission system, regularly servicing the engine, maintaining the battery periodically, and regularly cleaning the bike.

If you don’t want to put all of the care and maintenance into your motorbike yourself, do you know of anyone or a company who can give your bike a quality, routine checkup for you? Even if you do, there will still be some care and maintenance that will be required by you, the bike owner.


  • A motorcycle would be beneficial to you as a mode of transportation.


You can’t merely want a motorbike just to say you have one; you must also need it in order for it to be a wise purchase. If you need a motorcycle as a main or supplemental mode of transportation, chances are, it will be worth buying.

Otherwise, if your bike will be sitting in your garage collecting dust and spiderwebs, maybe a motorcycle purchase isn’t something you want to make. If you aren’t sure if getting your own motorcycle will be a good investment in the long-run and fear it will be something you get sick of after a few rides, consider renting, rather than buying, a bike.


  • You have the money to buy your dream bike.


Money is a big factor when it comes buying a new motorbike. If you won’t be able to afford the short- and long-term costs of owning a motorbike, the obvious solution would be to wait and save money first, so the bike purchase doesn’t leave you financially unwell for a while.

Apart from forking out money or obtaining a motorcycle loan to make the bike purchase, there are other potential costs: freight free or destination fee for shipping/receiving, setup fee, doc fee, tags and title fee, and sales tax.

Even if you pay for the latter out of pocket, there are still going to be costs to own a motorbike including tag renewal; motorcycle license renewal; and any parts, accessories, maintenace, or paint jobs you might receive for your bike.


Many of us dream of having a motorcycle to call our own. However, whether or not we allow that dream to become a reality is completely up to us. Unfortuantely, we tend to put that dream off. Maybe it’s money that’s the issue, or maybe we are just hesistant.

Regardless of the reason you’re putting off your motorbike dreams, if any of the latter points apply to you, it may be about time that you make that purchase sometime soon. Although making a motorbike purchase is a big deal, if you’re ready, you’re ready, and only you can decide to follow through with it.