5 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Hall

Every detail of your overall home décor says a lot about your taste and personality. Sadly, there are certain parts of the house that we often take for granted, especially the hall. It’s high time to turn things around and make your hall more interesting. After all, it’s most likely the first thing your visitors will see and will bring about the first impression. Now, let’s get started and explore simple yet worthwhile ideas that can take your hall to the next level.

1: Paint It!

Yes. Simply painting the wall is virtually the easiest and quickest way to give your hall a fresh, new look. Whether your hallway is large or narrow, this downright simple trick always works wonders. If you have a narrow hall, paint it with a light color, so it looks brighter and wider. However, if you want a bit more pop in the hue, you can always explore other brighter or louder colours as accent tinges.

2: Add Architectural Interest

It’s important to add character to a room, and incorporating an architectural interest can always go a long way. Architectural interest is anything that can kick things up a notch and capture people’s attention. You can try wainscoting, wall treatments, interesting ceilings, charming stained glass, textured walls, etc. As long as the tweak or addition helps in achieving a better architectural charm, go for it.

3: Design an Art Gallery

One of the best places to show off a great art gallery is the hall. You can consider displaying your personal collection of photos and art. This is also a great way to add a personal touch to your abode as you exhibit those treasured photos of captured memories. You may also use any art piece, turn your photos into paintings at Mavenart.com or you can also use DIY art. The sky is the limit.

4: Make It Functional

Particularly if your hall is just near the entryway, you may try adding a functional touch to it, like a drop zone, a mudroom, or a command center. Even a few coat hooks will make a practical difference.

5: Use funky wallpapers:

Adding wallpaper is a great way to pack a huge visual punch. If you’re looking to add a touch of vibrancy to your hall, you can consider covering your walls with vibrant and funky wallpapers.  There are lot of cool and funky wallpapers available in the market which you can choose from. You can also go for minimalistic wallpapers too if you don’t want to go extra with colours.

6: Use the power of mirrors

If you don’t want to go overboard and are looking to give your hall a minimalistic feel, then mirrors can be of great advantage. One great thing about mirrors is that they’re simple yet chic and also add natural light to the space, which in turn makes the space look bigger. Mirrors also work great with neutrals too. You can add a bunch of mirrors or even one big mirror to add a touch of elegance to your hall

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