4 Tips on Throwing The Perfect Club Themed Party

So you want to party, dance, and have fun with your friends but want to find the perfect party theme without it being overdone? Consider what kind of party you’re having and the kind of people attending because if the majority is your peers, then why not throw a club-themed party? It’s best to throw the party at an actual club because the establishment will probably have most of the things you need.

If not, then you can find a space that you can transform, like a spacious basement or backyard. One of the most telling features of a club-themed party is the lights, so be sure to get the strobes and lasers, to name a few, because how else are you all gonna dance? If it’s an era-specific dance party, then you may need to rent or bust out the disco lights and decorations to go along with it.

Here are more tips to help you out when planning the party.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Great parties don’t happen overnight. In fact, some of the greatest ones are planned months and months in advance, but that doesn’t mean last-minute parties are great. If you are set on having a club-themed party, take the time to plan accordingly in order to achieve whatever visions or goals you want out of it.

Budgeting is also a cause for concern when it comes to parties, so it will do you well to create a list of things you want to prioritize and allocate the funds accordingly. If you have guests who have children and prefer the event to be child-free because it will be held in a nightclub and there will be booze, tell your friends ahead of time so they can get a sitter. 

If you plan to only have a certain number of people due to some constraints, send out an RSVP, and confirm each attendance by phone. You can save money by sending invites through social media platforms. People spend a lot of time using their phones anyway, so they likely won’t miss your e-vite.

Pick a Specific Theme/Encourage Dress Code

If you’re at an actual club, there are dress codes that you must adhere to, so tell your guests about this ahead. Most clubs suggest for both men and women to dress accordingly. That mostly means that men should avoid T-shirts, sports clothing, tennis shoes, and baseball caps.

Meanwhile, clubs have a more lax dress code for women. To prevent anyone from not getting in, advise all your guests to dress up a little bit, and go for something more formal to be on the safe side.

If the party is held somewhere else, you can ask guests to dress according to the theme. If you have a disco or ’80s inspired club party, encourage everyone to rock their favorite Madonna or Michael Jackson looks. If you have a throwback 2000s party, denim on denim was a particular trend during the era.

Food and Booze

Sniff around for party packages that you can save money on. Most rental places have these kinds of deals where food and booze can be included for the party. It will save you the hassle of ordering or making the food yourself.

As for the booze, it can be expensive, but you can ask if there are corkage fees if you bring your own. If there is, calculate if buying from the establishment or paying the corkage is more worth it.

Hire a DJ/Entertainment

One of the most important elements to a perfect club-themed party is setting the mood with the right music and entertainment. That is why it is important to hire a skilled DJ because they know when and what kinds of music to play according to your tastes or hype the crowd up to liven up the party. Since you have all the fancy lighting for a club, why not complement it with a DJ for the full club feel?

You can also hire bands and other music acts. Sometimes, you may not even have to look far because you may have friends who would be willing to share their talents at your party. Just make sure to give them a token like wine or a pack of cigars as a symbol of your gratitude.

Be Sure to Have Fun

Whatever the party is for, make sure to have fun together with all your friends. You didn’t plan and toil to create the event just so you can sit or stand at the sides, watching everyone else have a grand time. If there are gifts involved, be sure to send a thank-you card later to the senders.

What are your favorite tips for throwing a party? Share your advice below.