4 Secrets About Testosterone

Well, you might have seen too many supplements out there which claim to enhance your potency and especially free testosterone levels, which also include some of the famous ones such as ExtenZe or TestoGen, but what exactly testosterone is and how it can impact your life? Simply put, testosterone is a hormone found in human bodies as well as in the animals. It’s not bound to men or women. As for men, it plays a significant role in testicles, and for women, ovaries make this hormone but in much smaller quantity. Once you hit your puberty, the production of these hormones will increase, and you will notice fall in your 30s. That’s where most of the supplement marketers and manufacturers target the market as men can notice impacts on their performance and start to look for ways of enhancing it.

What Do Low Testosterone Levels do?

It can impact men on a relatively large scale than women. As for men, low T levels mean decreased sex drive, less energy, feelings of depression, moodiness, weight gain, less body hair, thinner bones, and low self-esteem, which is linked to sexual performance. You can’t always have higher T levels no matter what as they are bound to decrease with age, but there are natural ways to keep them in check, and there could be some other scenarios in which you could have low T levels which include chronic health conditions such as AIDs, Kidney disease, Alcoholism, cirrhosis of the level and stress. Moreover, you can use top enhancement pills to boost up your testosterone levels.

4 Facts About T’s:

Higher levels of hormone could shrink your belly as studies suggest men who were dosed with testosterone noticed a significant reduction in terms of obesity. Moreover, you shouldn’t go for mentioned therapy as it’s only indicated for men with below-normal testosterone and for those who notice symptoms such as bone-mass loss, sexual dysfunction, or fatigue.

If you are taking too many steroids to enhance your hormonal activities, then it’s time to stop because it can shrink your testicles and can boost the growth of your boobs if you are a male. As for women, it could lead to the enlarged clitoris, hair loss, and hair growth on body and face.

Furthermore, if you think you have low T levels, then it’s kinda hard to really know in just one test. Most of the men would go for a single test and end up considering their T levels low and enhance it they’ll go for therapies which could ultimately harm them as its very hard to get it right in single test and efforts are going on in order to standardize the results.

Myths about therapies! It’s very unlikely that the treatment would do anything for 80% of men over the age of 65 as its the process which leads to a reduction in older age. However, you might get a boost in sexual function bone mass from supplemental treatment or an increase in libido levels. Yet according to Thecopcart, there are certain reasons you should be avoiding lousy enhancement supplements.

Lastly, testosterone is commonly associated with sexual health, but it also impacts your mental health. It doesn’t matter if the levels are low or high. Both have their impacts on your brain and physical health. So, it’s a good idea to consider a check-up by your doctor before taking a step ahead on your own.

If you’ve tried different ways of boosting your testosterone levels, which worked for you, or if you think that boosting T-levels is just a myth, then don’t hesitate to leave your comment.