3 Things You and your Partner Should Do to Strengthen Your Relationship in the Bedroom

Sometimes when you have been with someone for a very long time, you might fall into the routine trap. You do things the same way over and over again. This can get very boring, very quickly. So, you are probably at a point right now where you would like to change things up and do something new. 

A lot of people get to this point in their relationship and just think that there’s nothing else that they can do. They run out of ideas. This makes sense as there is only so much that couples can do in the bedroom together. They might struggle and hit a dry spell at some point. If this happens though, then it’s important to try new things as this will help you want to keep having sex with your partner.

Discuss Your Fantasies

If you are facing a dry spell, then it’s important to try new things. If you haven’t already done so, you need to tell your partner what your fantasises are. This can help bring you closer together as a couple. Some couples struggle to talk to their partner about what their fantasies are because they don’t feel comfortable enough sharing. However, once you start sharing, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable talking to one another.

If you don’t talk to one another about what you want, then you won’t be satisfied in the bedroom. You’ll feel much happier when your partner does what you like, and you’ll even grow to love and appreciate them more as a person. You don’t have to wait until you are in the bedroom to discuss your fantasies, just sit down outside the bedroom and just be open with one another. 

Pay Attention to Your Senses

Whilst having sex, do you ever get a point where your mind wanders to something totally unrelated? Perhaps you can’t stop thinking about all those work emails you need to respond to or that pile or laundry that you need to iron. You need to forget about all of this and just focus on what’s happening around you. You need to pay attention to your senses. Sex is no fun if you’re just too distracted all the time. 

Tuning into your senses will help you connect to what feels good. All of the senses are important, touch; taste, smell; sight and sound. You need to take full advantage of them. Your sense of smell might be a good place to start, since smell can be highly erotic for most people. You can bring extra sensuality into the sexual experience by using things that smell, taste or feel good.

Involving toys can be a great way to heighten your senses. Even trying things like blindfolds can help increase your sexual experience. It doesn’t just stop there though. Plenty of couples are now using things like vibrators, restraints or even butt plugs (like the ones found at loveplugs) to help them have a better sexual experience with their partner in the bedroom. 

Let Sex Evolve

If you are in your relationship for the long haul, then you and your partner will go through so many changes in your life. One of these changes, being that your sex life is going to change. You can’t be expecting sex to be exactly the same when you were doing it at 25. Things change, your body will change as you get older. So rather than getting frustrated with this change, you need to find a way to work with it.A lot of couples will get frustrated by this change and end up avoiding sex altogether. However, this isn’t the answer to your problem. Instead you need to accept what’s happened and find a way to work with it. If you find that you are still struggling with your relationship in the bedroom, then you can check out this article here about how to spice up your sex life.