3 Reasons Not Having a Resume is a Mistake

No matter what your age, education or skill level, you always need a resume. It allows you to build up your years of professional work experience when it comes time to look for a job. However, even if you are employed and don’t plan on leaving your job anytime soon, you should maintain a resume. A resume is definitely one of the most important documents you can create in your lifetime. Not having a resume is a mistake, and there are three key reasons why.

Without a Resume, You Have No Way of Showing Your Qualifications

Your resume is essentially a summary of your skills, qualifications, achievements and more. It details what you know how to do, how well you can do it and shows your prior and present work experience, education, specialization and training and any past accomplishments you have made at past workplaces. If you don’t have a resume, you have no way of highlighting these things when you are seeking a new job. Employers will not know what you are capable of if they don’t know about your experience and knowledge.

In a nutshell, a resume is an advertisement of your skills and qualifications and tells prospective employers why you would be an asset to their team.

Without a Resume, You May Not Obtain a Raise or Promotion

Without a resume, it might not be possible to obtain a raise at your current work position. It’s important to highlight all of your accomplishments in your job, as well as from previous positions. They should be kept as up to date as possible and presented in a manner that shows that you are more than deserving of a raise. Likewise, your resume can also be the key to getting a promotion at work. To that end, you should have a resume and also make sure you update it on a regular basis, especially if and when anything changes in your current position or when you get a new job. Your resume can provide justification as to why you deserve a raise and possibly a promotion as well.

Without a Resume, You Will Not Get Any Job Interviews

A resume is absolutely essential for not only showcasing your skills, qualifications, education, previous work experience and accolades in your prior employment. It also allows you to obtain an interview for any jobs you apply to going into the future, especially jobs that offer better pay. It is a mistake not to have a resume because employers would not see any reason to contact you for an interview otherwise. Even though everything is essentially done online with forms for applying to work positions, you are always required to submit your resume. This is so that employers can ensure that you are the best fit for the job out of hundreds of potential candidates. A person who has a resume will get an interview, but one without a resume will not.

It is definitely a mistake to not have a resume. No matter what your line of work and your skill level, a resume is always of great benefit to you in a number of ways. Click here to learn more about the best ways to create or revise your resume.