10 Pretty Obvious Signs That You are Ready for Your First RV Trip

The RV travel style is definitely not for everyone as most people prefer room service, comfortable hotel beds, and luxurious amenities. There is no denying that RV travel is not the most comfortable way to travel nor is it the fastest. It’s not for people who crave efficiency over experience, who just want to get from point A to point B. 

However, people who are bitten by the RV bug tend to never look back and they prefer to be on the road as opposed to waiting in lines at airports. No matter what the distance, they always prefer to look at a road map than checking out Google Flights. RV life is for people who appreciate the unpredictability of life. They cherish and welcome the good and bad surprises that crop out of nowhere en route to their destination. RV people seek out local RV parks and campgrounds and they grasp every opportunity to engage with fellow enthusiasts and locals. 

If you are thinking of renting an RV and just going for it, then you are definitely not alone. The best way to find out if the RV lifestyle is for you is to go on your first road trip. The following 10 signs you are ready to take the plunge.

You Look at Google Maps to Find Hidden Spots

TripAdvisor is good, but nothing beats Google Maps if you are trying to find hidden gems. Seasoned RVers plan their vacations on Google Maps. They find lakes, natural landscapes, and hidden locations that are little known and are off the popular tourist trails. 

You Like Local Markets and Small Towns Instead of Touristy Places

When traveling by road you get to go through small towns that receive little to no tourists. Everything about these places is authentic because these communities do not need to create a front for tourists, because there isn’t any. You get drawn by these previously unknown towns and small farmers’ markets. 

Comfort is Not Your Priority, Adventure Is

There is nothing wrong with wanting a comfortable trip. However, if you are a true RVer you prefer adventure over comfort. You crave for the unpredictability of travel. While most modern RVs are comfortable, you would stil need to get your hands dirty every now and then.  Being it changing a tyre or hooking up to electric, sewage, and water lines at an RV campground. If the chores of RV travel appeal to you, then you are ready for your first trip.

You Love Hiking and Camping

The great thing about RV camps and parks is that they are located near beautiful lakes, forests, and hiking trails. For instance, Silver Spur RV Park & Resort is located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon that offers plenty of outdoor activities and hiking opportunities. RV campgrounds are often located around national and state parks that bring people closer to short hiking loops and trails that take days to complete.

You Care More About the Journey and Not the Destination

RVers often care more about the road and the pit stops than the destination. That’s why RV travel in the Oregon coast is quite popular as the road gives travelers an unobstructed view of the ocean.

You Love to Cook Your Own Meals and Buy Local Produce

If you love room service and hotel food, then RV travel is not for you. Most RVs have a kitchenette with basic cooktops and utensils. In the hands of a seasoned home cook, this little space can produce scrumptious meals for families. RV travelers also carry barbeque grills for grilling locally produced meats and fish.  

Meeting New People Makes You Happy

At the end of an exhausting day, you like to sit back and enjoy a campfire (most RV parks setup a community campfire) while surrounded by people who share your interests. You love the conversations and you enjoy finding out about new destinations and tricks to better your RV lifestyle. 

You Are Already Familiar with RV Lingo

If you already know what full hookup means and you call motorhomes “rigs” then you are just a few trips away from being a seasoned RVer. The fact that you remember the lingos is an indirect sign that you should just rent an RV and go for it.

You Already Have a Few Road Trips Planned in Your Head

Most people who are on the verge of going on their first trips already have a few destinations in mind. They already have the pit stops and campgrounds circled on the map. They even go so far as to prepare a mental list of things they would need on the road.

You Finished Reading This Blog Post

Considering that you finished reading this fairly long post is a definite sign that you are meant for RV travel.