Why You Should Just Get a Pocket Wifi in Japan

Most of us already know that Japan is one of the most connected and one of the most technologically-advanced countries on earth. However, many tourists and those on long-term business trips in Japan often find that getting an internet connection isn’t always that easy. That is, unless they do the smart thing and get a pocket wifi in Japan. These devices can be rented before your trip and made available to you as soon as you land. Here are a few reasons why you should get these portable wifi devices in Japan.

It’s not easy finding free wifi access in Japan

While Japan is highly-connected, one thing you won’t find is free wifi access points everywhere. This is in sharp contrast with how things are generally done in the rest of the world. Hotels and AirBnB’s may have wifi access but these can be quite inconsistent and not always practical to use. A pocket wifi device will resolve all of those issues with getting a reliable connection.

You’ll be able to connect virtually anywhere

You’ll still be able to enjoy a fast internet connection even in the countryside when you have a pocket wifi with you. Not so long ago, the only alternative would have been to deal with roaming data charges, which can be no fun at all.

It’s generally cheaper than the other alternatives

Using data roaming can be incredibly expensive, and getting a connection from a local provider can be impractical. Using a pocket wifi will not only give you reliable internet access, but also let you have it for much less than you would otherwise using other methods. Many carriers are starting to offer international data plans for low fees, but generally the speeds on these plans are frustrating for anything more than sending basic text messages.

Transportation can be complex and expensive

An internet connection can be a lifesaver in Japan, especially if you don’t know how to speak Japanese. Cabs are pretty expensive and will quickly eat into your travel budget.  Fortunately, Japanese cities tend to have excellent mass transit systems. The only problem you will then have is interpreting how to get from point A to point B, which can be quite difficult if you don’t have ready access to an internet connection. Thankfully, you can just leave your pocket wifi in your bag or pocket and be easily able to look up information whenever you need it.

Street signs are a challenge in and of themselves

Street signs aren’t always present, and if they are, they probably won’t be in English, or your native language for that matter.  And given that you won’t find free wifi just anywhere, it can be a challenge just knowing exactly where you are. With a Japanese pocket wifi device, you will be able to do that whenever you need to, especially because of the next point:

Offline Google Maps aren’t available, as of writing

For some reason, Google does not allow you to download Google Maps and use them offline in Japan.  This makes it incredibly important to have a reliable internet connection wherever you go, which you’ll thankfully have if you have a pocket wifi.

If you’re planning to go to Japan any time soon, definitely check out Japan Wifi Buddy for affordable pocket wifi rentals and totally unlimited data. They also have English language customer service, which makes communicating with them straightforward and easy.