When Does My International Driver’s License Work?

Are you trying to obtain your international driver’s license? Learn what places it will be important for in this post.

Let’s face it; you want to travel abroad because you heard about some interesting race track. Or perhaps you want to have a reliable source of transportation during business trips. No matter the occasion, you’re going to need an international translation of driver’s license. We’re here to explain the top 3 occasions when you’ll need an IDP.

What is an International Driver’s License Translation?

Put simply; it is a translation of your National Driving Permit. Due to legal restrictions, it can’t be used as a primary document. This means that the license translation must be accompanied by a National Driver’s ID.

The laws and regulations differ from country to country. If you plan on traveling and driving overseas, always check with the country first.

Driving Abroad

If you’re 18 or over, there are a few things you need to understand first. First, you should take care of your international translation of driver’s license. It doesn’t take that much time since the international driver’s license is a translation of your National Driving Permit.

Your international drivers license verifies your right to drive vehicles of a certain model. When presenting this to foreign authorities, they’ll be able to translate the license and further assist you. Without having this document, and you increase the chance of getting deported or delayed.

Foreign Countries

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, the best way to do that is via car. Driving your own vehicle frees you from excursion groups and can move freely. On the other hand, if you drive outside of your home country, you’ll need a international translation of drivers license.

You’ll need it as an addition to your National Driving Permit. Keep them both on you if you plan on driving abroad. Even if you’re going to travel by train, plane, or bus, or won’t travel abroad, you can’t guess every situation in advance.

Probably you’ll want to visit a place where the public transportation is limited, or you might have to be the designated driver of a drunken friend or acquaintance. Or perhaps someone has to be driven to the hospital, and you’re the only one eligible to do so. There can be thousands of situations where you’ll be compelled to drive.

Business Trips

It’s difficult to complete business without a car. Especially if you have to move a lot. If you’re planning to go on a business trip, make sure to get your international translation of driver’s license before you leave your home country.

If you are unable to get the license on mail, its best to receive it in person. Doing so allows you to obtain the license within a few hours notice.


Having an international drivers license is a huge asset. It gives you the ability to drive in over 100+ countries and rent cars abroad. When applying for it, always make sure that it’s from a legal AAA or AATA issuer. Conclusively, doing this increases the chances of you obtaining your license and driving wherever you please!

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