Visiting Peru on a Budget

For adventure seekers, there are few destinations greater than Peru in South America. Peru is a long and narrow country on the arid Pacific coast which is home to a few major highlights – namely the mystical Machu Picchu citadel and a large section of the Amazon Rainforest. Due to its length and geographical position, Peru is also an incredibly diverse country with remarkable natural beauty along with many inviting cities and villages.

Visiting Peru

As a destination that is off-the-beaten-path and a long way to travel, it is often somewhere that people do not consider travelling to which is a shame because it has so much to offer every type of visitor. While it may be more expensive to visit than some other destinations around the world, it is somewhere that can be done on a budget if people know the best way to travel and utilise smart money management. First, it is important to know the value of the Peruvian Nuevo Sol so that you know how much you are spending.


As with any country, there are always restaurants, accommodation and entertainment that will be more expensive than others and especially in the tourist areas. Instead, look to go where the locals go as in addition to being more affordable this will also provide you with a more authentic experience. To see Peru’s many amazing attractions, it is important to research in advance to see if there are tours that you can join which are affordable or if it can be experienced by yourself. Booking into the tours in advance can save money and these are often the best way to see and experience the the great beauty on show here.


Travel is another expense that you will need to consider when in Peru. Flights are not too expensive but if you plan on travelling from city to city then it is best to book long -distance buses which can save you a huge amount. Be warned, you should avoid the cheapest buses as these can be uncomfortable and potentially unsafe. Following on from this, it is also a wise move to familiarise yourself with common scams. As with most places, Peru is safe to travel through but you should always have your wits about you.

Peru is a wonderful country with many amazing things to see and do. It is possible to travel through Peru on a budget with some planning, research and smart money management which can also help you to get the most out of your experience.