Travel Advice For Holidaying With Pets

For most people, your pets are literally a part of your family. They bring so much joy and happiness into our lives that often you can’t imagine it without them. Becoming a pet owner is in itself a big decision to make, one that requires some forethought into the commitment required. Either way, you know that once you have taken that step to become a pet owner you and your furry friend are set for some good times ahead.

Now you wouldn’t leave your partner or your kids behind when you travel, so why would you leave your pet? Though there are some obvious reasons for that, for example, most cats really do not do well with change and are happier staying home in their space. And some dogs get easily stressed out in new environments and around new people around too.

For the rest that do enjoy some adventure seeking though, travelling with pets has become a lot easier to do these days. A great number of hotels, guest houses, and self-catering spots now allow you to bring your pet along for your stay, and of course, if your travel involves a flight then many of the airlines cater for pets travel too.

Here are some simple tips on how you can make the most out of travelling with your pets.

Get An Ok From Your Vet

Especially if you are going on a long trip. Take your pet for a checkup with the vet beforehand to make sure that they are fit and healthy enough to handle a long trip. Whether it is being couped up in a car for a long road trip, or being closed up in a carrier in the plane cargo hold for a number of hours, any sign of less than perfect health might make travelling a stressful experience for your pet.

Check That Your Destination Is Pet-Friendly

This might seem like an obvious one to point out, but it needs to be pointed out all the same as not all accommodation venues and destinations are pet-friendly. Most venues are proud to announce that they are pet-friendly so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding out if your furry friend is welcome at the place you are staying at.

Not all travel destinations are suitable for pets, so use your discretion here. If you are heading off to a big city where your pet will come into contact with other animals or won’t have any space to get out, stretch their legs, and get some fresh air then this may not be the best holiday for them to join you on.

But if you are heading off to a self-catering cottage on a farm that is fenced off and has a large property to run around, this could be your pet’s dream holiday destination and they would never forgive you if you left them behind.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Comfortable

Whether you have booked them onto a plane for a two-hour domestic flight to the coast for the weekend, or you are gearing up for a seven-hour road trip to the mountains, make sure that your pet is going to be comfortable on their journey.

If they are flying then get them a comfortable pet carrier and put their favourite blanket in it for comfort. Where you can, book direct flights that cut down on travel time so as to reduce the amount of time spent in the air and maximise the amount of holiday time spent with your buddy.

Road trips are a little easier as you can stop off to stretch legs and get some fresh air from time to time. Don’t forget to prep for your trip in advance as while you might be able to get a car insurance quote quickly you might have a tougher time getting your car in for a service at short notice, so plan these things with enough time to spare.

Pack enough food, water, and toys to keep your pet entertained during the trip so you can concentrate on getting to your destination safely. Once you have arrived it is time to relax and make the most out of your holiday with your loved ones.