Top Parts of Tenerife to Enjoy a Cool Night Out

While Tenerife is a fun place to hang out on the beach or in a restaurant during the late morning and afternoon, it’s when the sun goes down that it becomes more enjoyable for tourists. Whether tending to their sunburn while nursing a first beer of the evening or dancing the night away in a happening club, there’s a little bit of everything for visitors who are night owls.

Getting There

Flying to Tenerife is not difficult from the UK. Certainly, Bristol Airport is just one of the available airports that put on regular flights to the Tenerife South Airport. There’s a second airport in Tenerife, but it receives fewer flights because it has a smaller capacity.

When using Bristol to fly out of the country, Bristol airport parking is accessible for travellers who need a convenient spot to leave their vehicle while they’re away. It’s safe to park a vehicle in a long-stay parking spot at an airport because there’s monitoring which prevents random people walking into the area. Indeed, parking at Bristol airport is recommended if you have several pieces of luggage that you don’t want to schlep on public transport. You can make a booking for a parking place using

Visit the Strip in Playa de Las Americas

While Los Cristianos hits the headlines, Playa de las Americas is a much better choice for the younger set to enjoy a memorable night on the town. A little bit like in Vegas, there’s the Las Veronicas strip to wander down filled with flashing neon stressing the urgency of local bars and clubs eager for your trade. The attractive women are outside the clubs trying to entice you in there with the offer of a free drink, such is the level of competition on the strip.

Most places are pretty casual about their dress code. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt will often be sufficient for the men, though surely the ladies in the clubs will appreciate a little more effort. Some clubs regularly have foam parties, so if you’re planning to visit one of those, dress accordingly to avoid messing up your best gear and being annoyed about it the next morning.

Mix with the Locals in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

If you’re looking to see some local talent for a modern thrill, then head over to Santa Cruz de Tenerife after the sun has gone down. You’ll certainly see a completely different side to night-time entertainment because it’s tailored to the tastes of local young people and not tourists. Nevertheless, they’re generally welcoming to foreigners who are polite and like to have a good time just as they do.

This capital city is situated in the northern part of Tenerife. As the business capital of the island, plenty of locals who live and work there frequent the many late-night cafés, restaurants, and clubs in the city after work is finished. Especially on the weekend, local party goers have a late dinner and don’t venture out until after midnight to find a good club with music they like.

Most clubs are open until past five and some until 6 am, with locals staying up to dance the night away. Dress code is a bit more formal. Locals have a reputation to uphold because they’re known in the neighbourhood. Can you keep up with them? Let’s see…

Night Sky View at Mount Teide

Just in case dancing in a club isn’t your thing, then we’d recommend visiting the Parque Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide. The park stands over 3,000 metres above sea level. It enjoys clear skies, which permit a perfect view of the night sky. Constellations are easily recognisable when viewed from the park at night and for any amateur astronomers, they will enjoy seeing the stars with the naked eye in greater clarity than ever before.

There’s accommodation at the lowest level in the park for people who wish to stay overnight and not have to travel back. This is the best idea. The location is near the coastal region, so it gets decidedly cooler in the evenings. Wear appropriate clothing for sky watching.

The island of Tenerife is substantial enough that you can decide where you wish to stay and what you like to do. Each part has its own unique feel. Some places have more nightlife that suits younger people whereas other areas are a bit more sedate.

Also, there’s excellent cuisine throughout with local dishes mixed in with international favourites to keep picky foreigners contented. Don’t be afraid to try to local cuisine, as it’s underrated and delicious. While chefs are well versed in delivering food for international palettes, it would be a shame not to enjoy some local dishes while on the island.