Top 3 Tablets Available

If the time has come for you to invest in a new tablet you want the best, right? Of course, you do. These are a few options to consider when narrowing down your list, and eventually deciding on the new tablet you are going to invest in.

iPad Pro 10.5
No list is complete without an “i-product” in it, and this is the same. This is a huge tablet, graphics are pristine, image and resolution are exceptional, and great speakers allow you to stream, listen, watch, or post, seamlessly. A 7 MP front and 12 MP rear camera ensures excellent quality photos, and it has the eye-recognition feature, as well as fingerprint technology, so you can keep your tablet secure. Plus, it is backed by the reliable Apple name.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
A second option is this Android tablet. Sleek, slim, light, and excellent resolution and quality. HDR ready, water and dust-proof, an s-pen, simple touch commands, streaming, and compatibility with 4K and other streaming services, make this a great choice for those who are always on the go, and are looking for an integrative design.

Microsoft Surface Pro
It is elegant, it has a kickstand, it comes with an s-pen,and it integrates Office into your tablet anywhere. Great resolution, high-quality image and video quality, the detachable keyboard, and up to 13.5 hours of video playback. Plus, it can replace a laptop, so you are pretty much getting two devices in one with this Surface Pro.

When you are ready to buy a tablet, the options are truly endless, as are the brands, designs, and features. You can also choose to spread the cost by paying weekly for a tablet rather than paying the full cost upfront. For those in search of the best, from the top manufacturers in the market, these are currently a few of the best options available when choosing your new tablet in the coming months.