Throwing a Unique Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are occasions to cut loose and have fun. And fun can happen in many ways—you certainly don’t need to adhere to any formula for your party. Rather, you should do whatever you think you’ll enjoy. This can be anything from a night on the town with the girls to a weekend of camping and hiking. Different people enjoy different activities, so tailor your bachelorette party to your own ideas of fun.

Travel to New Places

Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. After all, the island offers many unique, cultural experiences. For example, you might wish to take a girls trip where you can surf Hawaii’s beautiful waves. Companies such as Ohana Surf Project offer customized instruction for students of all levels. Even if your first surf is during your bachelorette party, rest assured knowing you’ll be able to enjoy the waves. Wherever you choose to go, traveling there with the people you cherish most will help you to make valuable memories that you will never forget.

If you want to go out of town, but don’t like traveling long distances, check to find a casino within a driving parameter from where you live. After all, casinos are a great place to party with your friends. They have premium dining selections, overnight accommodations as well as a variety of entertainment options. You and your group can press your luck at the slot machines or sit in on a game of Blackjack. Who knows? You might just win big! After a long night of fun partying, you will likely be tired and just want to crash. Luckily, there is no need to travel any distance in order to rest. Just take the elevator up to your room and unwind in your luxurious oasis. Or, if you prefer a bit more privacy, some casinos offer RV accommodations. For example, The Mill Casino has RV Parks in North Bend, OR. Staying in an RV allows you to have the convenience of a hotel room and the privacy of a cabin. The most important thing is for you to go somewhere you want to go and for you to make the most of this special time with your friends.

A Night of Culture

Bust out your little black dress and heels and prepare yourself for an evening of refined elegance. Enjoy a decadent dinner at a 5-star restaurant and attend a theatrical experience or orchestra performance. A sophisticated night like this will make you feel like a million dollars, and who doesn’t like to feel fancy every now and then?

Odds are, you won’t have to travel far for a night like this one. The cities around your hometown probably have a wide selection of fine dining, theatre, and concerts. For example, if you are close to Brisbane, you can visit the Brisbane Powerhouse arts for Brisbane theatre shows. They also host music and visual exhibits.

Perhaps you want to do something a little more hands-on than just watching a show or looking at art at a museum. Consider attending a local painting session where you and your girls can create your own masterpieces while enjoying a glass or two (or three) of wine. Not only is this a fun way to spend time with your friends, but you will also have a souvenir to cherish forever.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Camping and hiking might not be activities typically associated with bachelorette parties, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as fun. If you are an outdoors kind of gal, embrace your passion and spend a few days exploring nature with your girlfriends. Search for a secluded cabin in the woods where you can escape modern technology and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your camping grounds will likely be close to other outdoor attractions, so make the most of your surroundings. If there is a lake on the premise, rent a canoe! And if there is a vineyard down the road, partake in some wine tasting.

Cooking while camping will be an experience in and of itself. If you choose to have your bachelorette party in the great outdoors, you might need to plan your meals ahead. But don’t stress! Just because the cooking process is a little different from what you’re accustomed to doesn’t mean the food won’t be just as delicious.

For a fun breakfast treat, prepare pancake mix ahead of time and put the concoction a ziplock bag. In the morning, cut a corner from the bag to create pancake art on a pan over the fire. For a fun twist on hot dogs, try wrapping crescent roll dough around the hot dog before cooking it. And for a night of laughs and quality time, create a fun fruity cocktail for you and your gal pals to enjoy by the fire. For example, you can mix chopped fruit with brandy or vodka for a fun treat. You can also check out Pinterest or ask your friends for ideas. The possibilities for delicious camp food are nearly endless.

Relaxing Spa Weekend

When is a better time to treat yourself than right before your wedding? You’ve been so busy planning the big day, so you definitely deserve some pampering. Enjoy a relaxing spa weekend with your closest friends. Spoil yourself with massages, facials, manicure, and pedicures. Find a spa getaway near you, gather up your friends, and escape from your hectic life for a few days.

Before booking your spa, make sure the facility you choose is large enough to accommodate your whole party. While you might want to go to your cute, local boutique spa, most places have a maximum capacity limit on how many clients they can accommodate. So a quick call ahead confirming the size of your party can surely help you and your friends guarantee an afternoon of unwinding.

Ask your friends to turn off their phones for the evening. This is a time for you to bond and  create memories, not check emails and texts constantly. By having everyone away from their devices, you will be able to relax easily and take full advantage of your spa experience by spending your evening in the pool or hot-tub, sipping wine, and chatting with your companions.

Laid-Back Night-In with Friends

Maybe going out isn’t your thing. No problem, you can still have a fantastic party at home. If your idea of the perfect night is watching movies and playing games, then make it happen. This party is about you, so do what makes you happy.

Stock up on your favorite movies, games, snacks, and drinks. If you are planning to have quite a few people over, then consider ordering alcoholic beverages from a reputable retailer such as liquor store Lawrenceville, NJ . Many liquor stores, including this one, sell wines, beers, and spirits among other things, so you will be able to find what you want and offer a wide variety of drinks to your guests for a reasonable price.

Play some wedding themed games. One of the bridesmaids can have the groom fill out a survey beforehand and then quiz the bride to see how well she knows her future husband. If you want to turn it into a drinking game, have everyone guess. Whoever answers wrong has to take a drink. You can also play Never Have I Ever. Have the girls take turns listing things they have never done. Whoever has done said thing takes a sip of their drink.

There is no need to conform to a stereotypical bachelorette party. If you want to go the classic route, that’s great, but if you would rather celebrate a little differently, don’t be afraid to do so. As long as you are doing what you love, your party will be a day to remember!