The Ultimate Guide to Saving on Your Next Smartphone

Everyone wants to have the latest iPhone or Android. These days it’s like a sign of social standing whether or not your phone is up to date with the latest technology. Gone are the days of having a phone that simply makes and receives calls, allows you to throw out a text or two and take dodgy, pixelated photos. Now face recognition, augmented reality and a giant screen are just as important. But it can be expensive to keep on top of the new smartphone releases. Lucky for you we know exactly how to save on the latest handset, especially with the help of Discount Promo Codes ready to assist.

Join Smartphone Upgrade Plans

Both big dogs in the smartphone game, Apple and Samsung, offer an incredible upgrade plan. Unlike usual pay monthly upgrade programs, which require you to pay off your phone in full before getting a new handset, the upgrade program allows you to always have the latest model in your grasp every year.

You can either choose to pay a monthly amount every month for 12 months (11 months for Apple), trade in the handset and begin the process again when a new phone comes out you want. Or follow the payment program for 24 months and you’ll own the phone. This way you get the choice to always enjoy the newest iPhone or Android with a finance plan that allows you to easily pay off your phone without breaking the bank.

Save Money on Phones with Newly Announced Handsets

If you’re not too concerned about having the most up to date smartphone, there are still great ways to get the newer handsets at a lower price. It sounds obvious, but by simply waiting for the next phone to be announced, you can expect there to be a dramatic drop in price on the previous model. Even when shopping directly with your chosen smartphone brand, prices will decrease. We would recommend shopping around and seeing what different retailers are offering though, as there’s likely to always be a better rate when not shopping elsewhere with more competitive pricing.

Use Voucher Codes on Mobile Phones

If you’re planning to shop online this should be your first port of call. Whether you can get money off your order or find a great deal with free gifts, there are always fantastic ongoing offers for smartphones, especially when it comes to those newly announced handsets. Known for selling mobile phones at the best rates, use Affordable Mobiles Promo Codes and get 10% off all orders, including the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Shop Second Hand Technology

When it comes to buying second hand, especially in terms of gadgets, it can be a bit hit and miss. It’s always best to shop with a trusted retailer. In terms of buying mobile phones second hand though, it’s pretty common and a lot of big name stores like Argos, Amazon and even the smartphone manufacturers themselves sell second hand and refurbished models at a considerably discounted rate.

It’s also key you understand the differences between second hand and refurbished smartphones, because there are big differences that could effect which gadget you go for. Second hand phones, or technology of any type, are previously owned, used products that have been tried and tested to confirm they are working to their highest specification. Refurbished devices are usually those that have been found with a fault, whether cosmetically or in terms of function. These have then been fixed and sold on at a fantastic reduced rate.

How Buying Your Phone Outright Can Save You Cash

Whilst a lot of us will opt to do a pay monthly payback scheme, usually alongside our tariff, if you’ve got a spare wad of cash hanging around buying outright could save you a considerable amount of money. Whilst pay monthly handsets allow you to budget, all payments add interest and therefore once you’re at the end of your 12-24 month payback period you could end up paying way more for your phone than its original RRP. If you can afford that one off treat, you can look to save a considerable amount of money and avoid the worries of losing or breaking a phone you don’t even technically own yet.

Browse Mobile Networks for the Best Deal

We are creatures of habit and often cling to our phone network for dear life and avoid the hassle of cancelling contracts and transferring numbers. But it really is worth shopping around. Often you’ll find you’re not getting the best value for your money, both in terms of how cheaply you can buy your handset and what you get for your monthly tariff. Compare what other networks offer and you might even find your current network willing to bargain in order to keep your custom.

Really, there’s no need to pay the full price for the latest smartphone models. From always trusty voucher codes to a number of different types of upgrade plans. Ensure you compare prices to get the best value for your money on this worthy investment. You can be on the top of your gadget game with a flashy new phone and still have money to spare.