The Thrill of Vaping While Traveling

Smoking is so yesterday. No matter where you go in the world, you’ll most likely be frowned upon if you whip out a cigarette, light up and start puffing away. You’ll only end up driving people away and may even get into trouble. Thankfully, for smokers and those who have successfully quit, there’s a real alternative to getting your nicotine buzz, and it’s almost totally socially acceptable.

Vaping has indeed arrived, and it looks set to stay. When you’re packing up and heading out on the road for the trip of a lifetime, you can bring along your vape gear in the knowledge that you won’t be upsetting people with clouds of toxic fumes as you go. But with summer on the horizon and folk everywhere making plans for great getaways, it pays to read up about vaping in different places before you head out. Otherwise, you could land yourself into more than a spot of bother!

Vaping Rules

Vaping is now increasingly recognised as one of the best smoking cessation methods there is — especially in places like Britain, where health authorities support e-cigarettes in trying to get people off deadly tobacco. So it might seem strange that some countries have laws prohibiting electronic cigarettes and the e-liquid they contain, even though they may allow people to smoke at will. In tourist favorite Thailand, for example, you can be arrested, fined, or even jailed for just possessing vape gear, never mind using it in public.

Being caught with e-cigs in the Land of Smiles could turn your vacation into a raging nightmare — and you can forget about trying to get supplies from a vape shop while in such places (because there aren’t any). So, check the local laws and regulations about vaping in the country you’re heading to before you go.

Vaping and Flying

What about traveling — especially flying — and bringing your vape gear with you? Can you take your vapes onto a plane? Yes, and no. In the United States and many other countries, you won’t be permitted to pack your vaping supplies in your check-in luggage. This is in case of any issues with batteries. But you can certainly take them on board, either in your carry-on bags or in a pocket. Just don’t start vaping once you’re in your seat, whether the aircraft is on the ground or in the air — that’s definitely not allowed.

As for vaping in public when you’re at your vacation destination, as a general rule, don’t vape where you wouldn’t smoke. Plus, always bear in mind that vaping is still relatively new and many people, especially those who don’t smoke or vape, may not know what an e-cigarette is. They may easily assume you’re smoking when you’re just vaping, and that could lead to difficulties.

Caring for Your Vapes

Let’s not forget that vaping gear is fairly delicate and needs to be properly looked after and maintained. This is especially the case when you’re out on your travels and may be in climates that are not optimal for the use of electronic equipment. Above all, it means keeping your e-cigarettes or other vape gear far away from high humidity and moisture, as the battery and electronic components might well fail if they come in contact with water. Even something like too much steam from the bathroom of your small hotel or motel room could cause problems with your e-cigs.

Bring along a sealed plastic bag — the kind you keep food in are perfect — and store your vape gear in it while not in use. Also make sure to pack extra batteries. Those rolling summer electric storms often knock out power, and you could be left high and dry if you can’t charge your e-cigarette.

A little knowledge and a lot of planning will allow you to have a hassle-free time off on vacation, with your vape gear along for the ride.