The Evolution of Gambling Apps

In this article, the reader’s attention will be focused not at the micro aspects, like the inclusion of new elements in the gaming software and at this site, but on the facts of a wide direction, like a stepwise increase in the number of players. Particular attention is focused on the problems faced by the current online casino industry.

Incipience of gambling industry

Gambling is often mentioned in the tales and legends of various nations around the world. For example, in ancient Greece and Rome there was a god of luck and gambling. But the most incredible stories associated with gambling and betting, found in the folk art of Asian countries (Philippines, India, Japan). There you can often find legends about how men used body parts, or their wives, daughters and sisters as bets. Quite a few references to gambling can be found in the culture of the peoples of North America. Roman emperors were very fond of playing dice, but ordinary citizens could only gamble at certain times of the year. The Middle Ages were marked by attempts by the church and kings to eradicate gambling. They didn’t do it very well, the people’s passion for gambling was preserved.

The first casino in the world appeared in the Principality of Monaco in 1863. He opened the prince of the principality of Charles Grimaldi. The word “casino” in Italian translates as “country house”. An integral part of all casinos – “one-armed bandit” appeared a little later in 1895, thanks to the American mechanic Charles Fey. At the beginning of the 20th century, the issue of the legalization of gambling was acute. And here America was the first – they built an entire city specifically for the gambling business – Las Vegas, and made it the only state where the casinos are completely legal.

The process of gambling app’s evolution

The history of gaming software usually begins with the creation of online casinos, which allowed to play for real money in licensed areas. Before that, games were available, but they should be downloaded to computers using floppy disks and can be played for purely pleasure. The first online games had to be downloaded from an online casino and installed on the player’s computer. This allowed players to make bets against the institution, playing a lot of gambling for real money, as well as withdraw their winnings. The main disadvantage of this program was that it was designed for PCs running an operating platform that is incompatible with Mac, Linux or another operating system. There was a utility that allowed Mac users to access Windows applications, but they were not very popular. Mac and Linux users were able to enter the online gaming industry when flash games were developed. This format of gaming software allowed players to open games on their browsers, and it is compatible with most operating systems.

Random Force Generator as the Highest Step in the Evolution of the Online Gambling Industry

Flash software uses a random number generator and simulated events, such as the rotation of a roulette wheel or the distribution of cards. But there were two minor flaws. Some people were still worried that the programs could be deceiving. There were others who, in gambling, liked the spin of the wheel or the distribution of cards in real life. To attract such players to online casinos, live dealer gambling has been introduced. The actual operations were videotaped in a casino and were broadcast via the Internet to players’ monitors who could make bets without leaving home. These online casinos are called Live Casino.

Online casinos require players to play from a home computer or laptop, which “restricts” the places where it can play. For example, one cannot play gambling while on the road, sitting on a bus and a train, or waiting for them at the station. It is not practical when playing while waiting. The problem is that this time is the most convenient for most players, because they are not engaged in anything. This need has led to the development of mobile gambling. Players can access the mobile casino using the Internet in their phones. Most online casino operators also offer mobile gambling services. The distribution of mobile games is currently significantly limited compared to online casinos, but it contains the main categories of games, including online slot games and even progressive jackpots.

Summing up

There is a potentially huge market in social networks such as Facebook. The number of participants on such sites and its growth rate are amazing. There are already a large number of games offered on these sites. However, all of them can only be played for fun. However, there are complex legal issues. A large number of members of social networks are under 18 years old, and they are not allowed to play gambling. There must be effective mechanisms to protect them from gambling. Also a big problem is that many countries conduct illegal gambling for adults. The most famous of these is the United States, whose citizens make up the majority on social networking sites. As soon as these problems are resolved, real money in gambling will be transferred between players in social networks directly, and then there will be a new domain for online games.