The Best Things to Do on a Girls’ Holiday

You’ve been marking every day off the calendar. You’ve got your time booked off work, you’ve got all your summer dresses ordered and packed (well, most of them). The sun and sea are nearly yours! To make the most of your precious time away, Quiz Clothing is here with a list of the best things you need to get the girls together for on your holiday.

Sun, sea, and selfies

You didn’t buy all those new outfits and all that new make-up to not show it off, right? Make your friends and family back at home jealous with your summery snaps. Whether it’s hotdog legs on a sun lounger, your toes in the sand, a cocktail you’re sipping or a sunset selfie, get snap happy and make your loyal followers green with envy!

Treat your taste buds

Girl, don’t even think about jetting off across the world only to head to the nearest fast-food joint you could have at home! Try to sample as much of the country’s culture as possible, so whether it’s moussaka in Greece or paella in Spain, give the local food a go. At the very least, try the country’s national drink — sangria anyone?

Embrace the holiday beat!

You’re living your best life, and the best way to show that is to dance with your besties! Whether you’re partying round the pool or boogying the night away, it’s time to put your best moves on show — you go girl!

Experience a serene sunrise.  

Time flies when you’re having fun. One minute you’re dancing and the next it’s the early hours. If you do plan on having a few late nights that turn into early mornings, why not stay up and watch the sunrise? You’ll enjoy some picturesque views and be able to take some incredible holiday photos.

Make a splash!

Instagram is full of sun lounger photos; booooring. Stand out from the crowd and do something a little more exciting! From jet skiing to banana boats, get out on the water for an exhilarating experience that you can tell your friends and family all about when you’re back home.