The Best 5 Vehicles for Long Road Trips

Who doesn’t want a break from the tiring and hectic everyday routine? The best way to do so is by going on a long road trip either with your friends or family. The essential component of every successful and comfortable road trip is the ride. The type of ride is your personal preference from all-terrain SUVs to the luxurious sedans; it depends on your choice. Below we have described some of the most amazing rides that will definitely make your road-trip experience more enjoyable and comfortable.


  • Honda Odyssey


People have always preferred SUVs over minivans for road trips because of their fat and plain appearance; I mean who wants to be seen in a soccer-mom van? But the trends are changing with the stylish new Honda Odyssey. This is the winner of various awards for the best minivan over the years and yet again it is better than ever. This amazingly perfect family vehicle offers seating for up to 8 occupants and top of the line safety features. The powerful V6 engine is even more efficient now and will shoot you down the highways. The drive is comfortable and responsive, so you can glide on the roads. There’s plenty of room for all your cargo. The Odyssey is loaded with family-friendly techs and the list of features is too long to mention here.


  • Jeep Wrangler


Jeep Wrangler 2018 is the perfect choice for the bold and free-spirited adventurers. This vehicle is made for on and off-road trips. The all-new Jeep Wrangler comes equipped with modern commodities and a lavish and comfortable interior. The new Wrangler comes with three new 4×4 systems; Command-Trac, Rock-Trac, and the new Selec-Trac Full Time 4×4 system. Plus, the Jeep axles are made for the most challenging off-road terrains, so reliability is not an issue here. The Jeep Wrangler front bumper design is more aggressive than ever, so be sure to make an impression on the fellow trippers.


  • Chevrolet Impala


Chevrolet Impala has been a reliable choice in the full-size sedans class. Impala is superb for road trips as it is roomy, comfortable, quiet and enjoyable to drive. The V6 variant is powerful and offers amazing acceleration. The interior has a luxurious vibe to it and provides a very spacious room for the passengers. The trunk space is huge enough for your cargo needs. This Chevrolet is loaded with latest tech features and a vivid 8-inch infotainment is remarkably user-friendly. The Impala gives fuel average of 28 mpg on the highways.


  • Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X is no doubt the coolest and the most modern SUV on this list. It has redefined the SUV experience with its incredible and voguish gull-wing doors, and the cutting edge super fast all-electric drivetrain. Other than that, the Model X gives a dynamic drive range of 295 miles on a single charge.


  • Audi Q7


The number one spot on this list is taken by the all-new and redesigned Audi Q7. This three-row luxury sedan is powerful, smooth and quiet. It runs by Audi’s supercharged V6 engine coupled with the super smooth eight-speed automatic transmission. The result is a comfortable ride and commendable acceleration. The Audi Q7 gives a fuel average of 22 mpg on highways. The ride control is gratifying especially with the optional air suspension. As it is a luxury class vehicle, the interior is excellent and elegant. The seats are comfortable with plenty of headroom. There’s also a vivid high-tech digital instrument cluster. Although the price tag is quite hefty, but it will make your road trips luxurious and memorable.