Taking a Close Look at the Best Scuba Diving Sites in Gozo

Gozo is one of the 21 islands that make up the Maltese archipelago in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The gorgeous island is known for terrific hiking spots, Neolithic Ggantija Tempe ruins, golden sandy beaches and breathtaking scuba diving sites.

The warm waters and clear visibility makes Gozo an amazing spot to scuba dive year-round. There are at least 50 popular diving spots around the island, all full of amazing rock formations, bright coral, dusky underwater caves and all kind of marine life, making these sites the best diving spots in Malta.

Blue Hole

One of the most popular diving spits in Gozo is known as the Blue Hole. A large archway covered in golden corral leads divers to the wide-open sea. The area is full of natural rock formations that have been carved by winds and waves over centuries. This is a great site for all types of divers and a place that gives the chance to swim alongside lobster, octopus and schools of fish.

Inland Sea

Near the Blue Hole is the fantastic diving spot known as Inland Sea. A narrow canyon takes you to the open waters, which gives you a spectacular view of the deep blue ocean. The scenic inlet is surrounded by high cliffs and marine life like octopus, parrot fish and even barracuda.

Santa Maria Caves

The Santa Maria Caves are made up for 10 fascinating caves to explore. Divers can swim through connected caves and catch a spot where natural light shines through on the beauty of the deep sea. It is a popular spot to mingle with fish and spent time feeding them alongside crabs, eels and shrimp.

Rozi Tugboat Wreck

Sunk back in 1991, this popular dive site is home to the Rozi Tugboat. It is easy to find and with the wreck still intact, divers can go from room to room to explore. Colorful fish like rainbow wrasse and cardinal fish are known to swim around the wreck.