Shocking Ways People Can Steal Your Credit Card Information

Nowadays, criminals only need a few minutes or even seconds to steal your credit card data. Thieves are becoming more creative in the ways that they skim, phish, and hack into your credit card information. Here are some of the most surprising methods that fraudsters use to pilfer your credit card number.

Credit Card Skimmers

Criminals can easily steal your debit and credit card information by using small devices known as skimmers. Skimmers are tiny devices that read your card information when you swipe it. Thieves maliciously attach these devices in normal locations, such as ATMs and gas stations. Your credit card information may be at risk when you fill up your tank or take out some cash.

Restaurant Ruses

When you go out to eat with your family or party at the bar, you may not think twice about handing your card over to the waiter or bartender. However, sometimes the person serving your favorite food and drinks is a criminal. When your server takes your card out of sight, he or she may swipe your card through a skimmer.

Malware and Spyware

The internet is ripe with sophisticated schemes. Criminals may send you seemingly innocuous emails, text messages, or private messages on social media. Credit card thieves may even pose as people you know. If you open an attachment from a criminal, malicious software may get instantly downloaded to your computer. This software is able to track everything you type, including your credit card information when making online purchases or the login details for your bank accounts.

Selling Stolen Data

Once your sensitive information ends up in the hands of a criminal, he or she may sell it to others. People buy stolen information to sign up for new, fraudulent credit cards in your name.

It can be disheartening to know that your credit information is at risk. In order to protect yourself, you should constantly monitor your financial accounts. If you accept card payments at your business, consider using a Revel point of sale system or Clover POS system to protect your customers.