Properly Prepping Food to Prevent the Spread of Germs

Germs can easily spread, especially from the hand to food. In fact, did you know that 89 percent of contaminated food is contaminated by the food handler. This is often due to not washing their hands properly or not wearing gloves. Necessary precautions need to be taken when prepping food to prevent germs from spreading and here’s how!

Proper Hand Washing

The best and most effective way to avoid spreading germs is by correctly washing your hands often and thoroughly. All food handlers should get in the habit of washing their hands immediately before handling any food, after using the restroom, after sneezing or coughing, or after handling any money. To kill the germs effectively, you need to properly wash your hands by using warm water and soap. Make sure to clean your wrist, palms, fingers and entire hand for 20 seconds with soap. Rinse well and pat dry. You can also use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you need to.


It is also helpful to wear gloves while prepping food, but you still want to wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer before. Think of gloves as an extra precaution. Keep in mind, you will need to change your gloves if they rip, tear or get contaminated, like after using the restroom, after coughing or sneezing, and after handling money. Using disposable gloves like, Brosch disposable gloves, will help stop the spread of germs even more than just washing your hands.

There are millions of different germs that can spread and cause illnesses. Most of the time, bacteria is spread from hand to food and then to hand again! Remember, avoid coughing or sneezing in the area that you are prepping foods and always wash your hands and wear gloves before prepping food.

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