Prepare For Your First Tarot Reading

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If you are keen to find answers to your questions and want to seek professional help for the same, a tarot reading is an ideal choice. However, do not book the first reader you come across over the internet. There are a number of readers that offer services in person, through email and over the phone. You need to research the internet and learn more about them to ensure that they are genuine and not fooling you. When you are sure about the tarot reader, you need to book your reading. Since it is your first reading, it is natural to feel anxious, excited and intrigued about the same. You might also be feeling nervous and it is very natural. Tarot reading is an intimate experience and when you put yourself out there, you find the much needed guidance and clarity in return. If you approach the reading with an open mind, you will have an extra ordinary and exhilarating experience. However, there are no resources to help you prepare for a reading. There is no book you need to read or steps you need to follow but you can keep the below mentioned points in mind before you head for your reading.


  • Formulate questions : This might take up some time but it is an extremely crucial step. The questions will direct the entire reading which is why you need to give it some consideration and never rush through it. You can opt for journaling or simply introspect. When you begin writing, you will be able to list down a number of questions which are all different from one another. You should tweak the questions to your heart’s content so that you find the right answer to them. Every question should focus on an issue which has room in your heart. Try to take a few days to frame the questions because this is the base of the reading. The reader should be able to understand that the question is important to you and will be able to tell you if the question works for your situation or not. It is best to write down the questions and introspect over them for a few days before your reading.



  • Address the questions with the reader: You need to consider the tarot reader as your friend and try to facilitate the experience to address all the concerns that you might have. You need to feel confident and comfortable with the reader when you raise the questions or the concerns. If you have any concerns about the reading, raise them before the reading starts. Read the terms and conditions of the reader on their website before you shoot your questions. This will also help you familiarize yourself with the boundaries you need to maintain before the reading starts. If you have any personal preferences about the deck, you need to mention the same. Readers like to have the extra information before the reading so that they can give you the best results.



  • Focus on yourself: You need to relax and focus on yourself before the reading. It could be in any way that works best with you. You can choose to take a hot shower or meditate for a few minutes. You need to feel grounded and positive in every manner possible, this article will help beginners prepare for their first tarot reading. The reading will be all about healing and illuminating and the reader will not push you into a direction where you are uncomfortable. You need to consider the reader as your friend and communicate with ease. It is best to absorb all the information and get guidance from the reading. You will only be able to achieve the purpose of the reading if you are positive and relaxed.



  • Be prepared for the unknown: You need to accept the fact that you are going to a tarot reader because you do not know the answers. You are not going to them because you know the answers. There are issues bothering you and this is why you are going to a reader. It is an excellent method to access different channels and to understand the issue and address it. You need to embrace the unknown and open your mind for information that may or may not be ideal for your situation. You might have to hear certain negative things about your situation and you need to accept it with an open mind. You need to accept that the reading might not be anything like your usual approach.



  • Accept the outcome: If there is a path you have decided in your mind that you would like to take, you need to accept the outcome. You can rephrase your questions accordingly and ask the reader how the path will unfold. It is good to have goals in order to give a direction to the reading. It will also show where the biases lie and how you can deal with the same.



  • Brainstorm questions: There might be a lot of questions in your mind and you could be at a loss of words during the reading. The interpretations of the reader and your questions might put you in a state of mind where you are unable to form other questions. This is why you should write down the issues or questions you need to be addressed and bring them with you. If you have the time for additional questions in the reading, these questions will help you.



  • Have fun: Lastly, have fun. You have made an appointment with a professional reader and you have your questions. Explore the world of magic and embrace everything that comes your way. Relax, have an open mind and see what the cards bring for you.


These tips will help you prepare for your first tarot reading and will ensure that you get the best out of the same. After the first reading you will realize that there is nothing to be stressed or anxious about.