More Than Your Average Truck: The Nissan Frontier Is Making Tracks In The Truck Industry

The highly-anticipated Nissan Frontier finally made its way to dealerships this past September and is still creating a buzz. Different from any other truck in its class, it isn’t just the design, but it’s also about the options available. Newly-redesigned after 11 years, the Frontier is still gaining speed over the GMC Canyon and the Honda Ridgeline. Fully upgradeable, the Frontier comes in S, SL, Pro-4X and Desert Runner levels. There is also a customizable Midnight package that takes the Frontier’s average appearance to something spectacular.

The excitement isn’t just about the upgrades to the Frontier’s interior. Underneath the hood is a 2.5-liter engine or the option for a V6 engine 4.0-liter. It also comes in both manual, five-speed, and six-speed for those who want to have a little more control over its acceleration. The extended cab is a great addition that allows you to load more cargo and transport bigger items, which makes it a popular-sized truck in the industry. The four-door cab also helps to make it both a work vehicle and one that you can use to bring the whole crew along.

The interior of the new Frontier might not be much to write home about. An average (at best) dashboard doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other high-end trucks; it was built for someone who wants to go off-roading and isn’t into the niceties. But the good news is that the Frontier buyer isn’t paying for all those additional luxury items that they most likely won’t use anyway. The stereo controls are higher up on the dash, and a mid-grade audio system has a smaller 5.8” touchscreen display with a built-in navigation system to make sure that you don’t ever get lost when out on your excursions.

The driver side and passenger seats of the Frontier are comfy and padded heavily. They also have a good height to fit any size of driver. The back cab does have limited space, however, so there isn’t much room for passengers to sit back and relax. But trucks aren’t supposed to be about the comfort; they are supposed to be rugged — and the Frontier fits the bill.

The only drawback to the new design is that Nissan didn’t make many safety improvements. Although given high accolades by J.D. Powers, it didn’t get many good reviews for its safety features. While it is newly-designed, not much thought was put into advanced features to make driver and passenger safer while heading out on their adventures.

There are two models of the Nissan Frontier that were designed for off-roading. The Desert Runner rear-wheel drive is known for its tall suspension and off-roading tires with an excellent Bilstein shock system. The four-wheel drive is loaded with an electronic rear differential locking system that helps to properly transfer the weight and provide the truck with more stability. It is an excellent truck to take on uncharted paths, and it carries a front-to-end warranty that covers it from bumper to bumper.

The best part about the Nissan Frontier is that it is like an old friend. It is reliable, easy to handle, and it won’t cost you a fortune to hang out in. The chunky exterior is definitely perfect for a specific niche of buyers who are looking for familiarity. While it’s not the sleekest or most aerodynamic truck in its class, it definitely does the trick for a fraction of the cost of most other trucks in the same class.

The newly-designed Frontier might not earn any awards for greatness or innovative look or design. What it does provide you with, however, is a reliable ride that you can feel comfortable in and that won’t end up costing a whole lot of money to get the new-car smell and a warranty that makes repairs carefree. Depending on what trim package and engine you invest in, it can be an inexpensive everyday truck that will get you where you want to go. For those who loved the old look, the Frontier delivers on all ends. When buying the 2018 model, you definitely are getting exactly what you pay for and nothing more.