Mini Donut Concession Stands: Your Ticket To Extra Summer Cash?

There is possibly nothing better than a tasty mini donut fresh out of the maker. But have you ever considered that your love of donuts – both eating and making them – might be something that you can turn into a way to make a little extra cash over the summer – or even a full-time career? With spring fast approaching, a donut concession stand might be a fantastic way for you to have some fun this summer, meet new people, and sock some cash away.

One of the most popular options that people enjoy when they go to carnivals, festivals, or even flea markets, are the food concession vendors. Like heaven out of the back of a truck, stopping at them is a tradition that most people have, and is a part of the experience of going to any outdoor festivity. Sugar-coated fresh mini-donuts are one of those things that people love, and if you can find your niche, then it can really pay off. With a mixture of a lot of hot oil and the right recipe, you can have people eating out of your hands – well, not entirely literally.

There are three things that make the mini donut concession stand an excellent business proposition for someone looking to make some extra cash: they are easy to operate, they offer longevity, and the profit margin is absolutely amazing. Unlike other types of food trucks, the equipment that you need is minimal. This means that even if you have to invest a little upfront, you won’t be in the red for very long. You don’t need refrigeration, a huge space, or to invest a whole lot other than your time and energy. If you are up for putting in some sweat without the blood and tears, then you should really consider owning a mini donut concession stand.

The best part is that Lil’ Orbits concession business has a complete roadmap to all that you need, so you don’t have to fumble your way into the concession stand business. They’ve been operating since 1974, and they have everything you need to get supplied, equipped, and started up. With an entire process established, Lil’ Orbits has perfected the mini donut concession stand operation so that all you have to do is follow their recipe and you are good to go.

Lil’ Orbits believes that it is all about the aroma and the “coolness” factor of seeing how the donuts are made and making them fresh for the customer. Once they come off the tray, they are piping hot and just need to be sprinkled and put into a bag for your clients to enjoy. The customer can watch the donuts being made from start to finish. That is not something that they get to do when they go to Dunkin Donuts. Most of the fascination with the mini donuts is watching them cooking. Those tiny little Os are pretty “o-mazingly” fun to watch.

Setting up the concession stand

If you want to run a concession stand, a mobile truck is a surefire way to reach your target audience anywhere that they gather. With a mobile truck, you can go from one festival to another. There are a ton of sites online that help food vendors find the festivals to showcase their products every weekend. This means you won’t be in the dark or trying to figure it all out as you go along.

What does it take to invest in mini donuts?

It only costs about .25 to make donuts that you can sell for upwards of $3-4. If you buy your equipment used, then the return will be pretty immediate. If you choose to have a permanent location, then you will need to meet the local Health Department rules, which means you should invest in the best quality equipment. Although it costs more upfront, if people like your product, they always know where to find you with a permanent spot.

If you are going to be moving from one event to another, you will still need to meet the Health Department’s quality rules, but you don’t need to have anything elaborate – just cleanliness and a good recipe.

If you are looking for some extra cash, have a great mini donut recipe that you want to share, want to make people smile and you have some free time to spare, then operating a mini donut concession just might be for you.