MBTI Personalities as Groomsmen Gifts

Photo by: Pexels

Each of the MBTI types is weird and wonderful in their own way. Here’s what each type would be if they were personified as a gift. This list is also doubles as a source of creative groomsmen gift ideas.


Loved (or feared) for their take-no-prisoners approach to life, ENTJs can be counted on like clockwork to get things done. This multi talented type is best symbolized by an alarm clock packed with multiple features like Bluetooth speakers and internet capability.


Bulletproof coffee is legendary for getting CEOs, athletes, and professionals primed and ready to take on the world. Just like the INTJ, this caffeine fix works like a magic bullet to get complex systems working perfectly and efficiently.


ENTPs love playing with ideas and putting a new spin on anything that catches their albeit short attention span. A three-dimensional chess set is the perfect metaphor for this type’s quirky brand of genius and boundless imagination.


The INTP has a remarkable combination of depth and inner vision, which let them easily see things through different lenses. Virtual-reality goggles best capture this type’s unique perspective.


The warm and sophisticated ENFJ is like vintage wine that was aged in a European aristocrat’s cellars. And like good wine, the ENFJ is like a social lubricant, able to make any gathering fun and engaging for all the guests.


The helpful and insightful nature of the INFJ has earned them nicknames like the counselor and adviser. A white-noise machine best captures this type’s ability to help people relax and see the bigger picture even in the noisiest and most distracting environments.


A uniquely flavored craft beer best exemplifies the ENFP’s perpetual thirst for new and weird experiences. Only the creative outlook and can-do attitude of this type can pull off transforming seaweeds and chocolate into a beer.


If the INFP were a groomsman gift, he would be a vintage dream journal with a unique leather cover. The unique diary is a tangible manifestation of this type’s mysterious air, rich inner world, and vibrant imagination.


Like an antique fountain pen, the ESTJ is the type that best symbolizes tradition and old-world elegance. The ESTJ, like a fountain pen, can be trusted to dutifully carry out any task with devotion and grace.


Like the ISTJ, lint rollers may be inconspicuous, but life (and outfits) would be very messy and incomplete without them. This simple yet very practical gift captures the archetypal ISTJ: dependable and efficient in getting the job done.


A digital photo frame is the perfect symbol for the sentimental ESFJ. This type naturally loves and cares for people, so saving pictures of loved ones captures the warmth that this type is known for.


The genuine and inspiring ISFJ has the gift to bring out the best in others. Like an elegant Moleskine planner, this type can inspire people to take concrete steps in making their dreams come true.


Hover boards are shiny, impractical, and dangerous-looking—qualities that make the ESTP want to try them out right away. No other daredevil type is crazy enough to dive into new experiences, so a hover board is a perfect metaphor for them.


ISTPs enjoy discovering how things work and getting their hands dirty in the process. Like the ISTP, a shiny, new beer-making kit, with a matching caricature mug, is curious, novel, and sure to keep anyone engaged for hours.


The ESFP loves exploring new places and trying out new things with their senses. That said, a swiss army knife is a gift idea that best exemplifies their nature as a jack of all trades and ability to survive any prickly situation.


The ISFPs enjoy projects that engage their senses and keen eye for beauty. A coloring book for adults is a wonderful symbol of these archetypal artists who love to create masterpieces out of their inner vision.