Malaysia Travel Guide for Adventure Lovers

Adventure lovers will simply love being here in Malaysia. After all, it is easy to access the country as visa entry is super easy. Located on the Malay Peninsula, the tropical paradise is not just well known its beaches and tallest twin towers. The islands are home to vast rainforests for trekking and, beautiful dive areas for diving. Combine plenty of adventure antics with beautiful religious sites and vibrant local culture plus the wonderful foods. It is indeed hard to resist the country. Have fun exploring steaming jungles or relax by the beachside.  Do not miss the chance to explore Malaysia’s adventure opportunities. All you need to do is start planning and pick from one of the leading Muar hotels for your stay.

Here is Malaysia for the hard-core adventure junkies!

Skydive for an adrenaline pumping flight
Feel the real surges of exhilaration as you soar through the blue skies of Kuala Lumpur. Skydiving is one of the greatest things to do in Malaysia. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skydiver, it is indeed one of the most adventurous things to do.  However, keep in mind the weather conditions before you plan. Stay at Tropicana Boutique Hotel, and you would not be far away from the Sungai Rambai Airstrip, Melaka where you can enjoy skydiving. You will not only enjoy a pleasant experience at the hotel that offers great survives and food, but also fulfill your adventurous side.

Climb to the summit of Borneo
Trek to the top of Mount Kinabalu to enjoy the view from the summit of Borneo.  See the most beautiful sunrise on the top. Keep in mind that going up is going to take a good amount of energy. You can take a rest at the camp halfway up the mountain. Take a shower and enjoy a meal before you start again. However, you are sure to forget everything once you reach the top.

Scuba diving at awesome locations
Scuba diving attracts the maximum tourists to Malaysia because it is a land of awesome scuba diving locations. Go towards the southeastern part of Sabah that boasts of some great sites for scuba diving. Explore other islands teeming with excellent coral reefs and marine life. One can enjoy diving all through the year here but the best time to be here is during April to December.

Trek through the rainforest
Taman Negara National Park is one of the oldest rainforests in the world. It is believed to be more than 130 million years old according to the experts. The enormous trees and the fauna and flora are simply amazing and breathtaking. It is indeed a great adventure and unparalleled experience to go trekking in Taman Negara. There are various great foot trails in the park.

Try out paragliding
Malaysia offers another excellent adventure that can be enjoyed by beginners and trained. Go for paragliding if looking for a combination of both adventure and thrill at the same time. As you reach the height of 6000 meters, you can scream with joy. One can ask for cross country rides, or learn different flight techniques under well-trained pilots. Sendayan, Bukit Bahau, Bukit Sendayan and Kuala Kubu Baru are some famous paragliding spots in Malaysia are Bukit Jagra, Bukit Sendayan, Bukit Bahau and Kuala Kubu Baru.

Whitewater rafting
Another common adventurous sports activity in Malaysia is White water rafting. Depending on the watercourse and the challenges, one can find the right grade of water rafting course. Kampar is safe for the beginners while Ulu Slim is ideal for first-timers. Selangor and Singoh are famous for being challenging. Enjoy the rafting experience amidst the backdrop of majestic hills and carry home some unforgettable moments in your life.