Making a Healthy Change to Your Life from Smoking to Vaping

Wherever you go, whether you’re walking down the high street or sitting outside a restaurant, you’ll see plumes of smoke escaping the mouths of those around you.

However, unlike before, these smoke clouds aren’t only made up of cigarette smoke as vaping is also becoming increasingly popular.

But just how healthy is vaping?

  1. Vaping is Safer than Smoking

There simply isn’t a comparison between the safety of vape cigarettes and tobacco.

When you smoke, you burn tobacco to form the smoke – but when you vape, you’re only heating the substance inside the cigarette. Therefore, vaping cigarettes don’t contain the harmful toxins that are found in cigarettes because it’s the combustion process that releases these and increases your risk of developing cancer.

  1. Vaping is Better for Everyone Around You

If you light up a conventional cigarette in a public place, you’re often met with looks of disapproval, exaggerated coughing and parents dragging their kids to the other side of the street.

Granted, this is highly irritating when you’ve smoked all your life, but unfortunately, the harmful effects of second-hand smoking have been proven.

Vapers, however, are often met with looks of awe as the clouds of smoke are far more spectacular, and you’ll often find people asking what flavour the cigarette is due to the tasty smell it’s letting off.

  1. Vaping Doesn’t Leave Behind a Bad Smell or Taste

When you’re a smoker, you’re often conscious of the smell of smoke on your breath and clothes. Vapers needn’t worry about this, though. With specialist companies like VIP boasting a plethora of flavours, your breath will soon start smelling like a bed of roses.

Enjoy the taste of tobacco, though? You can still enjoy this with a vape cigarette but without the horrid aftertaste or smell.

  1. Vaping’s Better for the Environment

Not only will you not be clogging up drains, streets and other areas with your leftover cigarette butts but you’ll also be eliminating the need for your plastic lighter. With plastic being a huge concern for Earth’s shores and oceans, you can take peace of mind that vaping is far greener than smoking.

  1. Vaping’s Supported by Researchers

Finally, if you want proof that vaping is far better than smoking, you only need to look at the government’s own advice. They suggest that vaping is a great way to help you quit smoking without losing out on the enjoyment you may get from puffing on a cigarette.

Researchers also suggest that more and more people are successfully quitting, and it’s thought that vaping has played a huge role in this.

Overall, then, vaping does seem to be the smartest way forward for all types of smokers.