Is a Career in the Hospitality and Travel Industry Worth It?

Working in hospitality and travel is hard work and you’ll be expected to work long hours. However, if you are willing to work hard to progress, there are many reasons why getting into this industry is worthwhile. It may seem like if you work in this business you are constantly on a holiday, but this is not the case; you will be working the majority of the time.

Working in the Hospitality and Travel Industry

Working in this industry is all about ensuring that the visitors enjoy themselves. From the food to the customer service, everything is based on giving your guests the best time possible to make sure they enjoy their holiday. Whenever we go on holiday, we are constantly encountering those that work in hospitality and tourism, from the receptionist that greets us at the hotel to the air hostess on the plane. Without these people, our holidays wouldn’t be the same. The main thing to understand if you are looking for a career in this industry is that it will never be a 9-5 job. Therefore, if you have young children or other commitments, it may not be the right career for you.

Options Within the Industry

Careers in hospitality and travel can vary depending on which route you would like to go down and whether you would like to progress. You may want to work in a youth hostel or you may wish to try and work in a luxurious resort, depending on your people skills and experience. Larger hotels are also more likely to employ financial staff. Castille Resources Careers offer a wide range of financial careers in Malta, for example. You could work in the kitchen, as bar staff, as a meet and greeter, or as a receptionist to name a few. You may want to go into something such as becoming a rep or entertainer if you wish to do something a little different and are a fun, outgoing person. There are also careers in passenger service, such as flights, buses and coaches that take tourists to destinations including their hotels.

What You Will Need to Be Successful In The Industry

If this job sounds like something you would be interested in, there may be qualifications you will need depending on where you apply. Some higher end hotels and restaurants may wish for you to have a degree in hospitality or tourism, or even business management if you wish to work in a managerial position. Many places require you to have some sort of experience and good references. As well as what you have earned, there are certain qualities a person must possess to do well in the hospitality and travel industry. You must be able to provide excellent customer service as customer service is at the heart of any job that you apply for within this industry. This involves having good communication skills and getting on well with customers and staff alike. If you are a friendly, outgoing person, a career in this industry could be perfect for you. You also need to be a hard worker, as this industry can be very demanding, especially in prime season where there are lots of holiday goers.

The hospitality and travel industry could certainly be worth it if you have no prior commitments and working in your home country isn’t for you. If a 9-5 office job doesn’t appeal to you, this may be an industry that you could do well in. If you have previously worked in a bar, hotel or restaurant, this could also give you an edge when applying for jobs.