How to Throw a Truly Memorable Housewarming Party

The move into a new home represents one of the most challenging and yet exciting events in you lifetime. Once you’ve made it through the moving process, you may want to host a housewarming party in your new digs. A housewarming party is a great way to bring together family, friends, and colleagues. This includes people from the “old neighborhood,” as well as those folks who are part of your new neighborhood.

Planning for and throwing a house warming party need not be another tough task for you. You’ve had enough of that for while with the moving process. There are some steps and strategies you can employ to host a brilliant housewarming party and not pull your hair out in the process.


Invitations are a prime consideration when it comes to throwing a truly memorable housewarming party. A principle consideration is not so much how you will invite people, but who those people will be.

If your old neighbors are in fairly close proximity to your new place, you certainly want to invite those people who you have been close to in that area. In addition, you will want to invite family, other friends, and perhaps work colleagues. You will also want to open the doors to the people who live in your new neighborhood.

When it comes to inviting people like work colleagues and your new neighbors, you want to make sure the invitation includes a friendly, clear notation that not gifts are required. You want to make sure that this advisement is stated in such a way that these categories of individuals understand that you are sincere in making this statement.

House Tours

Don’t force a house tour on all of your guests. Of course, you want to show off your home. The reality is that most guests at your housewarming will want to tour your home. Thus, the best tactic to employ is to show people around who ask you to be given a tour of your home.


There are no limitations as to what you can serve in the way of food for your housewarming party. A key consideration is how and when food will be served.

In most cases, a housewarming party involves people coming by your home any time between a broad timeframe. Therefore, you want food to be available during the entire time period when your invitation states that the housewarming event will be in progress.


There are many different options available to you when it comes to the tablescape for a housewarming party. One option is to design a seasonal tablescape.

If you’ve moved into your new digs during the spring, summer, or fall, and if your new residence has flowers in bloom, you might want to incorporate those blooms into your tablescape. This allows you to create a brilliant tablescape and show off the flowers that you have growing at your new home.

You can really bring the tablescape to life by adding silver in the mix. This can include silver trimmed dishes and other tableware.


When it comes to decorating specifically for a housewarming gathering, you will want to keep those items to a minimum. In the scheme of things, people are coming to your residence to see your home. The need for a bunch of decorations really is almost nonexistent.

One idea to consider is an interesting addition of you are in new home. You might want to decorate by adding photos here and there in the residences that illustrate the residence in different phases of design and construction.


We’ve already touched on gifts a moment ago, specifically as they pertain to work colleagues and new neighbors. You want these people to attend your event and you absolutely do not want them to feel evenly remotely obligates to bring gifts to your function.

In point of fact, you really may not want anyone to come bearing gifts. However, you do need to appreciate that many people like to bring a housewarming gift, and you don’t want to shut the door on these individuals doing something that they think is appropriate.

You can provide some polite guidance in the invitation as a means to minimize what is spent on a house warming gift, as you let them know it is totally optional. For example, if you are interested in enhancing the gardens around the residence, you might want to suggest that a gift bring a small and inexpensive plant. You can then plant these gifts in a garden once the event comes to an end.

Rather than gifts, you can turn the event into a potluck. In this way, guests can bring along a favorite dish, if they so desire.



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