How to Prepare Your Car on Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are one of the most fun things you can do with family or friends. Apart from preparing for the things you need for the trip, you have to ensure that the vehicle that will transport you is fit enough for the long drive ahead. Before you go fantasizing about that dream vacation you will be having, you need to prepare your car first.

So why is it important to inspect the car before hitting the road? It’s so you can actually go to your destination without any incidences. Depending on where you’ll go, you will be spending a lot of time on it and it should be able to handle a prolonged trip. Here are some tips to help you prepare the car:

Inspect Car Fluids

Your car is made up of parts that run on special fluids, like amsoil . Before you go on your adventure, make sure to check the oil, brake fluid, coolant, antifreeze, and others. This is especially recommended if you go for really long trips so you’ll go to your destination uninterrupted.

When you have the levels checked, you could potentially prevent and save on servicing your car. Nothing sucks more than spending a stretch of your vacation waiting for the car to get fixed so before that happens, have it checked first. Get a tune-up, check hose connections, and have the battery inspected too.

Install/Replace Old Fender Flares

If you’re going on a particularly rocky or mountainous journey, it would be a good idea to install or replace old fender flares for Toyota Tundra or any truck or SUV you’re using. It helps protect your vehicle from scrapes and scratches and prevent rocks from hitting it as well. It can also be used for aesthetics as it can add style and hide rust or damage to the body. Just make sure to read up on your state laws before installing one.

Check Tires and Brakes

Your tires are the major things that separate you from the road and they are one of the most important gears to check up on. If you see any tearing, punctures or deflation in your tires, you may need to replace it with a new one if it stays the same even if you pump air into it.

Checking the brakes are just as important too. Your brakes need to be in perfect working condition if you want to stay safe on the road. Make sure the brake fluids are on a safe level. If you want to be super safe, ask to get a full inspection so you can address any issues before your road trip.

Bring Spare Tires and Tools

There are just some circumstances that can’t be avoided like getting a flat tire in the middle of the journey. If you want to travel prepared, bring some spare tires and tools with you even if it takes some considerable space. Of course, those won’t do anything for you unless you or someone in your group has a working knowledge of how to change a tire. It is ideal that you learn to do it before your trip. Also, don’t forget to check your OBD2 Adapters.

Carry a Survival Pack

You must always have something in cases of emergencies like a survival pack in case you get stranded on a side of the road. What you pack may vary but the essentials should include: water, spare mobile phone, flashlight, portable battery pack, medical kits, fire extinguishers, and reflective warning triangle. If you can add food and water, make sure to do that too because you may get hungry and thirsty while waiting for help to arrive.

Prioritize Safety

No two road trips are the same and that is why you should always have a set of essentials that you must absolutely bring whenever you’re on one of these excursions. There may be trips that only occur for a couple of hours and there are some that may involve spending a few nights out in the wilderness. Whatever it is, always pack smart and drive safe.

How do you prepare your car and yourself when you’re going on a road trip? Feel free to share your advice below.