How to Find a Reliable Online Website

Did you know that the average American spends 24 hours online each week? From shopping to communicating to researching and more, it seems like we are always turning to the web. Since we spend so much time online and are usually giving out detailed and personal information, it is important to be aware that you are using only safe and reliable websites. You always want to be browsing and shopping on secure websites, especially when it comes to playing online casinos for instance, so that you know your personal information is being protected.

Security Parameters

There are certain things to look for to ensure that you are on a secure and encrypted website to prevent your information from getting compromised. Secure and reliable websites will also be free from malware and viruses, which can harm your computer.


Https stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. Visiting a website that contains https in the URL is extremely important and the first sign that you are on a reliable website. The S is the important part, so make sure to pay attention to this. A lock icon can be found to the left of the URL. By clicking on this icon, you can obtain the actual certificate of security so you know that the site is secure and safe.

Privacy Policy

A reliable and secure website will also have a detailed privacy policy. This policy will include useful information such as how and why your personal data might be collected along with security measures they take to keep your information private and secure. If the site you are visiting doesn’t have a privacy policy, that is usually a bad sign and means the website is not secure.


A secure and verified badge is always a good sign that the site you are on is safe. But make sure the badge is authentic. You can do this by hovering over the badge and clicking on it. It should take you to the security certificate and verification. Make sure the information matches up with the website. If it doesn’t, it most likely means the website is not secure.


Contact information will always be listed on a secure website, even if it is just a verified email. Other contact information like social media links, phone numbers and physical addresses are even better. If the website you are visiting has no contact information or if the information is not correct, that is a sign that the website is probably not secure.