Enjoy An Unforgettable Date Night With Axe Throwing

It’s date night and you want to do something memorable and fun. Whether it’s the first date, hundredth date, anniversary, you name it… you want it to be special. One thing that stays consistent with the dating game is the fact that, at some point, everyone wants to sit back and enjoy a plan that they didn’t have to make. Who doesn’t want to be taken out on a nice date? So, when it’s time to book the reservation, why not try some out-of-the-box thinking?

Picking Your Date Night Activity

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a romantic relationship or just looking for a good night out with a friend, there’s plenty of creative date night options available to impress your partner. You could go nostalgic with a night at a bowling alley. You could shimmy the night away listening to some live music. You could spend some time outdoors on a skating rink or walking through a park. The most important thing is the connection with the other person.

There’s an awesome date night idea however, that’s newer to the scene than the old dinner and movie: axe throwing.

Axe Throwing: What To Expect

It’s exactly what it sounds like — participants gather at a venue of axe throwing lanes and throw axes onto a plank with a bullseye. Anyone can participate and flannel is not required (though it does make for a complete lumberjack appearance). At an axe throwing venue like the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL), you can order sharable food options and drinks to enjoy between throws. Think of a night throwing axes like the edgy sibling to a night at the bowling alley.

You start out receiving training by a friendly axe throwing professional. After that, it’s your time to practice your aim and try for the bullseye. It’s all friendly competition, a great chance to break down barriers and enjoy yourselves.

But… Axes? And Competition?

You want to have a fun and memorable night with your date, so maybe the idea of throwing axes (dangerous) and sparking a little competition (dangerous) has you thinking twice. You’ll receive training and will be throwing axes in a supervised facility, so your safety is completely under control.

What’s more, there are plenty of benefits to the right amount of competition during a date. Getting your heart rate up during a date actually increases your attraction to the other person, and the competitive nature of the activity really lets your personality shine through. Just don’t get too carried away—surveys show that letting the other person win is off-putting, and you definitely don’t want to gloat and showboat your way to embarrassment.

The advice when it comes to competition during a date is to keep things light and be yourself. When you’re trying something new, there’s so much more opportunity for a genuine connection, and you can’t go wrong when planning an unforgettable date night with axe throwing.