Day Use Hotels: A New Way To Travel

Sometimes you just need a break during your day, especially when you are traveling. You might be traveling for business, experiencing a layover or just out and about sightseeing. Luckily, you are now able to rent a hotel room for just a few hours to freshen up during your day adventures!

The concept of day use hotels is becoming trending. This when hotels offer the option of renting hotel rooms for use for just a few hours during the day, at prices usually around 70 percent off the cost of a regular night. Top locations around the UK already offering this include London and Manchester.

Take a nap!

Have you ever traveled all night, just to arrive to your tourist destination completely exhausted in the early hours of the day? You might just be in the city for the day before heading to your hotel in a different town for the night. By renting a hotel room for the day, you can catch a nap and a nice shower before heading out to sightsee. Or maybe you are experiencing a layover or delayed flight. Renting a room for a couple hours to grab a bite to eat or relax for a bit before your long flight is doable with day use hotels.

Enjoy the amenities!

Traveling for business? You might be in town for the day for business meetings, but have a few hours between them. If you don’t feel like wondering around the city, you can check into a hotel room for the day and take advantage of all of their amenities. Take a dip in the pool or get pampered at the spa. You also get the benefit of hitting the hotel gym or ordering room service to get a good meal while resting before your next business meeting!

A growing concept!

The idea of renting a hotel room for just a few hours a day is a new concept, but is quickly catching on. Only a handful of places are currently offering it, but the future is bright for this idea. Be on the lookout for more day use hotel options popping up near you.