Vacation in Style on the French Riviera – Cote D’Azur Villa Rentals with Helipads

The South of France is a delightful holiday destination for so many reasons; from its warm, sunny climate to its fascinating culture, there is truly something for everyone. It also offers an incredible selection of villas to stay in whilst you holiday there, and all are charming and unique in their own way. Yet only the most exclusive luxury rental villas in the French Riviera have heli pads nestled within their private grounds. This is something that may not currently be at the top of your wish list when choosing a villa, but trust me when I say that it should be. A helicopter improves every aspect of a holiday, creating memories that will last forever. And with so many rental choppers available for local hire, not owning your own is no excuse. With that in mind, here’s why you should rent a villa with a heli-pad in the South of France this summer…

Astoundingly Good Airport Transfers

The typical airport transfer is a miserable way to start any holiday. Getting stuck in the summer traffic as you try to navigate your way across town doesn’t allow for much relaxation, especially when the roads are full of frustrated drivers honking their horns. Add small, crying children into the mix and it’s enough to make anyone wish they had just stayed at home.

Needless to say, the journey is so much more luxurious from the comfort and safety of your own private helicopter. With your nearest airport only ever a quick and easy transfer away, spend the time making the most of the renowned beauty of the Cote d’Azur, drinking in the views from above. Before you know it you will be met with the wonderful landscaped gardens and private heli-pad of your own villa. Take for example the fabulous Villa Rosa; imagine its luscious greenery and sparkling blue swimming pool inviting you in from your unique aerial viewpoint as you circle above, ready to land and explore your new kingdom.

Sumptuous Sightseeing

With so many beautiful points of interest dotted along the French coast, it can seem impossible to visit everything you want to by foot, car or even boat. What’s more, all standard helicopter tours are restricted to specific times and schedules, which may not suit you and your group. Much better to be able to jet off whenever suits you, and land wherever takes your fancy.

If the French vineyards are calling you, why not fly over the beautiful wine regions by helicopter, admiring the aerial views of the landscape. There are so many wineries to choose from, but St-Emilion is a particularly lovely place to stop for lunch. Its name-sake village is also UNESCO World Heritage–listed and crammed full of historic sites, making it the perfect place for a daytrip.

If castles are more your thing, take a trip to stunning Southern Burgundy and get a beautiful birds eye view of its many exquisite castles. Feel like royalty as you drink in the Château de Pierreclos, the medieval city of Cluny and the Château de Cormatin, all from the comfort of your helicopter; of course, when you let a villa with a helipad on the Cote D’Azur, you pretty much are.

Michelin Star Meals

Your luxury rental villa on the French Riviera may be situated by a number of great restaurants, but it’s never going to be within a short distance of all of them by car. With a helicopter it can be. Staying in a property with helipad on the French Riviera you have all the Michelin star eateries you could possibly want on your doorstep. Imagine jetting into St Tropez for the night to dine at one of the highly-acclaimed restaurants along the famous Plage de Pampelonne, drinking champagne amongst celebrities before escaping back to the villa for a bit of peace and quiet.

Or perhaps you want to change cuisine for the night, whilst still ensuring that the food you are eating is authentic and cooked to perfection? Fly to Spain for the evening to enjoy a delightful tapas meal accompanied by the traditional sangria, made with fruit that has been freshly picked that morning. Many luxury eating destinations have their own heli-pads to welcome you in; Can Xiquet resort is particularly celebrated.

If you have been inspired to rent a luxury South of France home with its own helipad, contact the friendly team at Cap Villas and experience ultimate luxury this summer.