Best Family Cars

Photo by Ford

Now that you’re a parent, it’s time to put on your responsibility pants and clean up your act. Gone are the days of staying up all night to go club hopping with your pals, only to be replaced by sleepless nights trying to comfort a crying baby. Gone are the days when you could spend money on fancy coffee or lunches, and instead use that for diapers and other baby things.

As sad as it may be, it might also be a good time to sell your old economy car with the broken seatbelts, for something more family friendly. And as you browse the listings for a new family vehicle, consider these cars for your growing family:

Chevrolet Traverse

A car of pure luxury, the Chevrolet Traverse is a family vehicle that you will surely want for you and your family.

Getting your kids into sports is ideal, it keeps them occupied, and they have something to look forward to after school and on the weekends. What they don’t tell you is that you are going to need a lot of storage space in your car for all their sports equipment. The same can be said if your child has taken up a large instrument to learn and it needs to be hauled.

Luckily, the Chevrolet Traverse has enough space for all the things you need to bring, and the passenger seats offer a lot of legroom for you and all of your passengers.

Finally, the Traverse even has a row of USB charging stations that can keep your devices juiced up as you drive along the road.

Ford Edge

It’s easy to see why the Ford Edge is on this list; not only is it big on the outside, but also on the inside. The Ford Edge has a rear-facing passenger seat behind the driver and has more than enough room to accommodate your child and their friends, making this vehicle ideal for carpooling.

What’s more, it also comes equipped with all sorts of gadgets and features, including a sensor that informs you if there is a vehicle in your blindside, helping prevent accidents along the way.

Honda Odyssey

Nothing says “family” quite like a minivan, and the Honda Odyssey is one of the best. One of the perks of having this as the family car is that it is a lot easier for parents to install car seats. The second-row seats separate easily to give your kids personal space, or if they have started fighting, and you need to keep them from each other for the rest of the way.

Speaking of the rest of the way, the Odyssey has a feature that parents will absolutely love. Kids have a tendency to ask the dreaded road trip question: “Are we there yet?” when they start to feel bored.

The car’s navigation system hooks up to the Are we there yet App on your phone, which can then show your kids exactly how much further you are from your destination.

It’s a comfortable ride that is so child-friendly, all of your other parent-friends will want it for themselves.

Honda Accord

The last one on the list is the ever reliable Honda Accord. The Accord is the go-to car for smaller families since the ‘90s. The 2018 model features a sleeker look and an even sleeker interior with enough legroom for your passengers.

It also comes with spray-foam insulation that helps keep external noises out so you and your passengers can talk more freely without hindrance.

Driving the new Accord is a lot smoother and more comfortable thanks to the built-in back support in the front seats.

Now that you have a better idea on what cars in the market you want to get, it’s time to make the arrangements on how you plan to purchase the said vehicle. And if your credit is currently in a bad place, but you need to have the car straight away, then don’t fret. Bad credit car finance is available for you, and it can be tailor-made to fit your needs.