Bamboo Baby Products to Buy Before Your Baby’s Homecoming

When preparing for your baby’s arrival to this world, there are tons of things that you’ll need to take care of, and shopping for the basic newborn essentials is certainly not least. From designing and setting up the nursery to food, clothes and diapers, the list of products to buy is rather long. But from what I’ve figured by far, is that you should by all means avoid the temptation to buy everything. So narrow down your extensive list of all kinds of “necessities” because babies really don’t require a lot of things the first few weeks.

Bear in mind that all newborns have a sensitive skin, so you’ll want to buy products that are made only from the best materials and won’t cause any rashes or discomforts. For this reason, I would highly recommend bamboo baby products due to their various benefits. Bamboo is specially designed for sensitive skin. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, antifungal and antibacterial, has insulating qualities, it is soft, durable and gives your baby extra comfort.

Now let’s take a look at nothing-but-the-basics list of bamboo baby products you will definitely want to have before your bundle of joy comes to this world.

Baby Clothes

Between changing, feeding, burping and soothing, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is baby clothes that are uncomfortable and take too much effort to put on and take off. A little preparation goes a long way when shopping, so make sure the outfits you choose are not complicated and open easily for the frequent diaper changes.

What you should buy though are at least six side-tie or side-snap T-shirts for your love until the umbilical cord separates. After that, you can start using onsies – these loose-fitting one-piece leisure garments are probably the one type of clothing your baby will wear most. Also, make sure to have about six or seven pairs of bamboo socks to keep his/her little feet warm. And don’t forget to pre-wash all the baby clothes you have to ensure they are perfectly clean and soft. This is especially a must if most of the clothing will be hand-me-downs from friends.


It won’t take long before you become a natural at changing diapers, but it will be of huge help to have everything ready for the first couple of times that you do it. So if you’re looking for quality, give bamboo diapers priority as they are well-known for their their moisture wicking properties. They absorb 70% more liquid than regular cotton fabric. This, consequently makes bamboo diapers your baby’s best overnight ally. Furthermore, bamboo diapers have insulating properties which will keep your baby cooler in summer and warmer in winter time. They are also great for keeping rashes and bad smells at bay.

And since you’ll be changing nappies at least seven times a day, you’ll also need a bamboo baby changing mat. It dries quickly, plus, it’s hypo-allergenic, hence great for your little one’s sensitive skin. And last but not least – the bamboo changing mat is anti-bacterial, which means it will remain odour-free even after repeated use. Talk about convenience!

Bath Time

It’s no lie that all new parents are scared to death at the thought of them bathing their newborns on their own. But eventually, most of them get the hang of it. And since you’ll need to bathe your baby daily, one very useful and convenient bath accessory you can buy is a small plastic baby bath. Place it in the tub or in a large sink to make it easier for yourself and more pleasant for your little one.

Once you’re done bathing, wrap your baby in a clean, bamboo baby bathrobe to dry his/her skin faster. Newborns lose their body heat rather quick, so depending on how warm it is, you may want to wrap him/her in an additional, dry and warm blanket or a muslin wrap. A muslin wrap will keep your baby snug and warm. Muslin is a very pleasant material as it will not make your baby sweat and feel uncomfortable due to its breathable and temperature-regulating properties. Now take a deep breath and give your little one a kiss on that sweet-smelling head – you’ve made it through one more bath!