All the Diversity You Can Ask For: Have You Tried These 4 Types of Marijuana Products?

With the advent of legal marijuana, we’ve seen a massive increase in the quality and variety of what’s available. It isn’t about getting marijuana anymore, it’s about the particulars of the strain or even the form or product that the marijuana comes as.

  • Disposable Vapes

The big thing right now is the disposable vape pen. These pens, offered by a number of different companies already, come in a few different sizes. They can be named after either the desired effect or issue, or a strain, though some are simply generically branded as the only offering from that brand.

These are popular because they give a convenient way to get a quick hit in most situations, and have a wonderful taste as well. The best pens use precise measuring techniques so that you get a great hit every time. Vape liquid is easy to control in this way, and is also easier to store discreetly than actual marijuana. To find out more, head to the dispensary and take a look at what offerings are available to you.

  • The CBD Patch

A lesser known product, the CBD patch is pretty new to the market. These have only been around for a couple of years and don’t have many different providers. They’re a bit of a controversial area because the effectiveness of marijuana products being absorbed through the skin hasn’t been conclusively proven. There’s certainly no real psychoactive capability to this type of absorption, but there could be a medical use. While it remains to be scientifically proven, there are plenty of theories that CBD in particular could penetrate effectively and give some health benefits without any psychoactive effects.

  • Edibles

Edibles are an obvious one for most cannabis users, but unless you’ve already been partaking in the last few years, you probably don’t know what you’re missing. This isn’t like the old days of homemade cakes that taste of burned weed. Back then you never knew when it was going to kick in, or how strong it was going to be when it did. This made edibles the near exclusive domain of recreational stoners.

Now you can buy gourmet products with a precise dosage and recommended onset/effect time. These could be traditional dessert style foods, actual meals or any type of snack such as a piece of candy or a biscuit. They taste better than ever, the variety is bigger, and the dose is now completely in your control. It’s entirely possible to use light edibles and continue through a regular day.

  • Hashish

Another item that’s been around for generations but has changed considerably is hash. This isn’t the hard brick-like stuff anymore, nor is it some random-strength imported product. Hash is now produced with as much care and effort as medical marijuana, being offered in different varieties/strains.

Modern day hash tends to be very clean and flavorsome, often reflecting the strains from which it is made. It’s soft and malleable and extremely popular with some smokers who love that old-school hash feel.