A Guide to Accommodation in Gozo

Gozo is an island of Malta, known for its beautiful scenery. It boasts many amazing beaches and is home to a lot of culture. If you want to have a relaxing holiday and get away from the stresses of everyday life, Gozo is a great place to relax and enjoy some amazing scenery in marvellous accommodations. Whether you wish to stay in a hotel or farmhouse, Gozo has something for everyone.

Places to Stay

There are many hotels situated in the middle of Gozo that are ideal for a quick getaway. Prices vary from hotel to hotel, but stays can be inexpensive, especially when booked in advance. Although the island is small, there is more accommodation than you would be led to believe.

For those wanting to spend a little more, the island has 5-star hotels in some of the more rural locations, and amenities include spas, heated indoor pools and first-class restaurants. There are many hotels within the towns of Gozo that offer something for families, single travellers and couples, and many have eateries attached.

If you wish to stay in an apartment, the island has aparthotels with suites and holiday flats. If you prefer to be more independent when you are away, there are many self-catering accommodations within Gozo for you to choose from. From beachside flats to large farmhouses, whatever you are looking for, you will be able to find it in Gozo.

Rural Accommodation

When searching for accommodation in Gozo, you will most likely notice that around 60% of the accommodations on offer are restored farmhouses. These are very popular as they are different to the normal hotels and villas that many countries have to offer and they are often rural, bringing with them peace and tranquillity as well as amazing hilltop views. They are often built with limestone, with courtyards and antique furniture; these offer luxury in a rural destination. For more information head to http://holidayhomesgozo.com/.

One of the benefits of choosing rural accommodation is that a beach is usually never more than a ten-minute walk away. Many of the farmhouses are often eco-friendly too, generating solar electricity and recycling waste and water. If you want to experience the local life and stay somewhere better for the environment, Gozo has it all.

Finding the Accommodation for You

When looking for accommodation in Gozo, there are many things in which you should take into account. Firstly, if there is a large group of you going, staying in a farmhouse may be beneficial to save costs and ensure that you all stay together. When staying in a hotel in a large group, you cannot guarantee that your rooms will be beside each other, and although some may prefer this, large families tend to prefer farmhouses.

Cost is another thing to consider when looking for accommodation on the island as this can change depending on the month that you are staying. The summer is the most expensive time to go, but if you are travelling with your children, this is something that probably can’t be avoided. Use hotel comparison websites to find the cheapest apartment in Gozo within your price range. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) would also be helpful to helping you stay on budget.  It not only secures your payment information, it would also allow you to exploit price differences between different IP addresses.

If you are thinking of staying somewhere rural, you may want to walk everywhere, or purchase a hire car. When looking at accommodation, check how far away it is from the towns and beaches; you can usually find this information on the property website.

Wherever you decide to stay in Gozo, you are bound to have an amazing time, taking in the scenery and soaking up the sun on the many beaches the island offers.