5 Interesting Artisanal Businesses

With the world being so full of mass produced, cheaply made products, there is quite a demand for unique, hand crafted items that work better and last longer. This is where the artisanal businesses come into play as artisans carefully hand make their products, which results in good quality, one-of-a-kind items.

Online selling platforms, like Etsy, as well as local markets have made it easier for people to start their own artisanal businesses and showcase their talents. If you’re keen on getting into the artisanal trade or simply want to learn a bit more about it, keeping reading to find out more about interesting artisanal businesses.


Woodworking is a fairly common, yet impressive, artisanal business. From tables and chairs to bookshelves, chests and even functional works of art, woodworking is a versatile skill that can produce some amazing pieces of home ware. Artisanal woodworking can be a creative process as various techniques can be used to create different designs. They can incorporate different types and colours of wood in the same piece to make a contrasting pattern, or even use other materials, such as resin or glass, to create interesting and unique items that can look like a piece of artwork!

Some artisanal woodworkers like to use the natural shape of a piece of wood and turn it into an organic, asymmetrical furniture piece. People are always coming up with new ideas and mastering their techniques to create items that are put together well and of the best possible quality. You can find some amazing items if you look at artisanal woodworking business websites and you’ll usually find that they accept custom orders as well, so you can order something made just for you, which will perfectly fit into your home.

Making Leather Goods

Everyone knows that leather is one material that stands the test of time and a well-made leather product is something you hold onto for a whole lifetime! Leather bags, belts, wallets and shoes have always been popular as they wear well and have a timeless look, so artisanal businesses focused on leather goods can do quite well for themselves. Artisanal leather products are made with a lot of care to ensure a good quality product so that you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Quality leather products can be quite pricey but for all the hard work and care put into them as well of the years of use they’ll provide, they are well worth spending a little extra on.  There are even simple ways of learning how to make your own leather items, since leather sewing machines are quite inexpensive. So you never know, you could try it and become a artisan yourself!

Soap and Bath Products

Handmade soap and bath products is another fairly common artisanal business, however the process of making these types of things is a science and can be quite fun and satisfying to try out for yourself. Artisanal soaps are made with all natural ingredients and none of the chemicals we would find in mass produced products so it’s actually better to buy from the small artisanal businesses even though it might be slightly more expensive.

Soap making is quite a simple, fun hobby that people try out, become passionate about, and start their own business with. Artisanal soap and bath products are also perfect gift ideas for your friends and family as they usually have unique fragrance combinations and beautiful packaging. They also leave your skin feeling more moisturized and soft so we definitely recommend giving it a try!


Artisan pottery and ceramics are plates, mugs, bowls and more, that are handcrafted and often painted in unique designs. Hand making ceramics is a more difficult, technical business to get into as it takes time and practice to master the art of shaping clay into the desired forms. Different designs, colours and patterns make for very distinctive pieces that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Artisanal ceramic businesses all have their own styles and techniques to create beautiful pieces of quality home-ware. The ceramics are hand painted so every single item is made with care and has slight variations that make them unique and beautiful.


Candle-making is an easy and creative artisanal business. Candles can range in size, colour, shape and smell so people who enjoy making and selling them can really have fun with their designs. Candles are something that pretty much everyone has in their home as they are perfect for setting the mood for special occasions and making rooms seem more cosy. Mass produced candles can burn quickly and don’t usually have a nice fragrance to them. Artisanal candle-making businesses generally use better wax, such as soy, so that their candles last longer and smell amazing.

Candle-making is an artisanal activity that anyone can get into, play around with and turn into small business. Candle-makers can play around with different oils to create new scents that you can’t you won’t find in shops. Hand-made candles also make for some excellent gifts as you can choose a colour and a scent to match a person’s personality or tastes.