3 Wondrous Spots You Should Not Miss in Launceston

Cataract Gorge. Photo by Peripitus

For a once-in-a-lifetime journey with your loved ones, spend your vacation in an astounding destination, like Launceston. With its spectacular cityscapes, outstanding food and wine, awe-inspiring tourist spots, and mountainous landscapes, your breath will be taken away. Surely, everyone will have a great time in this lovely city.

Nicknamed as Lonnie by the locals, Launceston is a riverside city in Tasmania. It is one of the oldest cities in Australia that is filled with charming old towns, century-old parks, as well as rich culture and heritage. To explore the wonders of the city, you can rely on DriveNow car rental in Launceston or other known car rental companies to have a convenient and safe travel. Most tourists find public commute a hassle, so it is a wiser decision to just rent a car and drive towards different locations comfortably. There won’t be any hassles along the way if you simply rent a vehicle. Where to book a car in Launceston you ask? Why, online of course! Just search for car rental websites and book your preferred car and budget.

Listed below are a few stunning destinations you should not miss when in Launceston:

Launceston City Park

All nature lovers will appreciate the beautiful Launceston City Park. It is an ideal place for those who just want to chill with nature. In 1820s, the Launceston Horticultural Society built this amazing oasis and it was handed over to the Launceston City Council in 1863. Additionally, it is home to fantastic floral displays and enthralling antique homes. You will definitely have a lot of things to see and do with your family or friends while here, including riding the City Park train and going on a picnic. See to it that you also visit the John Hart Conservatory, Albert Hall, and Japanese Macaque Monkey enclosure. Everyone will have the best time in this park.

Cataract Gorge

No trip to Launceston is complete without going to Cataract Gorge. This striking river gorge is approximately 1.5 kilometer away from the city center or a 15-minute walk. Situated at the lower part of the South Esk River, you can easily get to this wonderful natural beauty. You will also witness rocky riverbanks, an impressive body of water, marvelous suspension bridge, and the longest chairlift in Southern Hemisphere. A visit to Cataract Gorge will always be fun and unforgettable.

Cradle Mountain

Experience a memorable trip when you head over Cradle Mountain. This premier spot in Launceston is a World Heritage-listed attraction that sits in Lake St. Clair National Park. It was named as such because of its unique shape. Numerous outdoor activities are available for you to try, such as horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and mountain biking. Also, you will certainly be in awe with its breathtaking scenery, cave networks, and lush valleys.

One sign of a being a great traveler is you always feel like immersing yourself with culture and nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you look for a perfect destination to unwind. And one of the top options would be Launceston. Spending your break here will absolutely be one for the books. These fascinating places specified above will attest to the city’s diversity and beauty. Plan your trip properly and do not forget to check these places out. A sweet escape is waiting for you, so be prepared.