3 Chef’s Knives that are Popular among Professional Chefs

The knives that the professional chefs use, are known to be super sharp, and offer precision cuts. If you go out into the supermarket to buy kitchen knives, you will have to settle for ones that may or may not be the best. Most people are blissfully unaware of the particular specifics or type of knives the professional chefs actually use.

You may have seen a few cooking competitions on TV! But, do you really think that watching such shows is good enough research to find a high-grade knife? No, you can never buy a knife on guess work. You have numerous high-quality stores for chef’s knives in UK like Perkin Knives, but you need to know what to look for! Most people have no idea and end up buying a similar looking knife that has a different utility.

What is the Professional Chef’s Choice for Kitchen Knives?

Do you have any idea about the chef’s knife used by professional?! Well, you may not have a clear idea! But, that should not stop you from buying one! We have spoken to numerous chefs, who are known for their culinary skills. Taking into account their preferences, we have narrowed down the popular choices to three. Here are the three knives that are mostly used by professional chefs:

  1.       8-inch Chef Knife: It is one of the most liked knives among all chefs. The chefs say that this knife feels comfortable to hold and use. That is one of the most important factors, when using the knife. On top of that, this kind of knife is an all-purpose utility knife! Whoa, just imagine that a single knife being able to perform all the functions, well almost all that is. If you are chopping and cutting in the kitchen, you need a strong knife and not a fragile one. Remember that the knife is going to be your partner every day, a knife that is not comfortable to use is a liability. So, make sure that you have a good one in your hand. If you want a knife that is sharp, durable and comfortable to use, then this is the knife for you!
  2.       Japanese Chef’s Knife: This knife is not only super sharp, but with that you also get a well-balanced knife at the same time. Some knives are designed innovatively as well. So, you will find handles that have a different fit. Make sure you have one that fits your hand. Some chefs have even gone onto say that the knives are so good that it feels like an extension of their hand! Just think about the level of comfort you will be able to develop with this kind of knife!
  3.       10-inch Chef’s Knife: Everybody wants a knife that can be used for numerous tasks. Using this knife, you will be able to complete culinary jobs like chopping, dicing and slicing in a jiffy. Have you ever cut across a sandwich and the filling hangs out because of uneven cuts?! This knife can be used for such tasks easily! So, get together a delectable sandwich. Cut it up into convenient slices with the help of the 10 inch chef’s knife!

Always remember that an inappropriate and dull knife can be the worst nemesis in the kitchen. You need to have a knife that is great to use, and easy to handle. These are the top knives that top-notch chefs have told us about. If you want to know more, then you should visit a store that sells such amazing chef’s knives or at least call up their customer service executives, to know all about the wonderful chef’s knives. Listen and read carefully for a better and safe cutting, slicing and chopping tool!