Do Protein Shakes Really Work?

There was a time when protein shakes belonged to the bodybuilders, but now these drinks have become a real convenience food for dieters. But do they really work? Let’s take a look at the growing trend with Health Shakes Reviews site.
Protein shakes have been considered a quick fix for both men and women who want to be a little healthier, but find they just don’t have the time to put together a full meal. Protein shakes have become even more popular thanks to the help of celebrity endorsement with celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow swearing by them.
But do these health benefits of protein shakes really exist, and can they really help you lose those stubborn pounds?

What Goes into a Protein Shake?

Protein shakes are made up of a powdered form of protein, with whey protein (a by-product of the process of creating cheese) being a perennial favorite. The protein powder is combined with a flavouring agent and, when they are mixed with milk or water, it forms a milkshake-esque drink.
The recommended serving sizes for protein shakes vary but they will typically have about 20g of protein. Government recommendations stand at 64g of protein a day for men and 46g of protein a day for women.
People have long touted that protein intake and resistance training are the keys to developing
muscle mass. A study published in 2007 in the journal Obesity also shows that taking in a lot of protein, such as the protein one gets from a shake, can also suppress ghrelin; the hormone that tells the body that you’re hungry and need to eat. Effectively protein works as a great appetite suppressant.
Studies such as this one have led to people marketing protein shakes as the ultimate weight loss solution, rather than something only a gym rat or bodybuilder would be interested in.
Louise O’Connor, who is a neuropath and wellness coach with Deva Delicious Nutrition also believes that the convenience of protein shakes is another reason they are so popular, especially with busy women.
She says these women understand how important it is to eat healthy but they still lack the time it takes to eat well and prepare meals. These women are interested in a quick, convenient, and nutritious way to boost their protein levels and protein shakes provide such a solution.

Protein Shakes Do Not Guarantee Weight Loss

The experts are still in agreement, however, that drinking protein shakes doesn’t guarantee extra muscle or weight loss. Greg Shaw, who is a sports dietician with the Australian Institute of Sport explained the situation saying that just drinking protein shakes isn’t going to help. People need to still do resistance exercises to get the most out of the protein.
He added that people should still continue to eat a balanced diet to get similar results. He explained how weight loss shakes are high in protein but are also high in fibre. Protein can be obtained from natural sources such as dairy products eaten at the right time during the day to put on muscle and lose weight. Great natural sources of protein include egg whites, dairy and meat.
He also added that you can get the same benefits of a protein shake from a holistic diet, but that protein shakes are more popular because of their convenience.

You Still Need a Balanced Diet

Julie Gilbert, a dietician with the Dieticians Association of Australia cautions people about becoming reliant upon protein shakes for weight loss. She says that protein can be used to reduce appetite and it may reduce hunger pangs, but the only reason that protein shakes for weight loss work is because you are consuming far less calories when all you have is protein shakes. She says that it’s not so mch the protein in the shakes that cause you to lose weight as it is the lack of calories and carbs.
While such a diet could cause a significant reduction in weight at first Glibert adds that this is likely
caused by the loss of water in the lean tissue. She adds that you should still eat a balanced diet
alongside your protein shakes. A large concern is that you might replace other foods with protein shakes including fruits and vegetables. Or you could miss out on other key nutrients such as carbs
and fibre.

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