NCAA Basketball Predictions: Baylor

Baylor has had a respectable season so far, winning 12-3 overall and is predicted to do will come March Madness. Those three losses were away games, with all of their wins occurring at Waco, their home base. What they are known for is sharing the ball, with a number 3 ranking nationally in assists-to-field goals made, but they sometimes have issues with taking shots—which caused a major blowout at Texas A&M not too long ago.

The recent game against Kansas was a game changer. For Kansas fans, it was more of the same—they are second in the league, have excellent strategy and generally dominate the court. For Baylor, it meant kissing their dreams goodbye, possibly. Many believe that Kansas will receive its 12th conference title this year, and Baylor, a distant fourth in the big 12 race to the tournament, looks to be potentially left behind this season. Many sports experts are predicting Baylor to do well this year, even with a hard schedule and a difficult Big 12 Conference play.

NCAA Basketball Betting: How does Baylor Measure Up?

Baylor’s defense would have to improve should they see any more of this season. They have been pretty well battered by top 50 contenders, but dominated inferior teams at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, their lineup is much smaller in stature than the usual. They have only 3 players above 6’5’’, and none are over 6’9’’; they are easily overpowered by large front lines, which was a real problem in the game against Texas A&M, a team with a very powerful front line.

Their shorter-than-usual stature notwithstanding, they are fourth in the nation in offensive rebounding which gives them a distinct advantage. Even this has not given them enough strength to win against the teams that are most important this season. Being fourth in the big 12 race is nothing to sneeze at, but it may not hold enough clout at the end of the day to allow them to move much further.

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