Modern Thrill’s Guide to SuperbOwl Prop Bets

Since you aren’t usually allowed to say “Super Bowl” without getting sued, we’re going to make sure to not say it. What we are going to do, however, is be your Superb-owl prop betting sharps. Please note, we are not responsible for any bets made due to knowledge gained by this article, unless you win a lot of money, then please, paypal morgan(at) with MT’s share of the winnings.

Alright so lets do this. If you don’t know what a prop bet is, this article is not for you. But I’ll explain anyway, a prop bet is a “proposition” bet that generally does not rely one team winning or losing. Proposition bets are like

Guy: “hey I’ll bet you the first score is a Carolina Field Goal”
Casino (or illegal bookie): “ok I bet you that its not.”

Thats a prop bet.

Modern Thrill’s Guide to Superb-owl Prop Bets

  • Amount of times announcers will say “Dab” or “Dabbing” – O/U (Over/Under) 1.5
    This is a no fucking brainer right here boys. Cam Newton on his own is averaging 6 dabs per game, and if the announcers mention just 1/3rd of those, we’ve got a winner. And there are more players out there dabbing than just Cam, so this is easy money.
  • Will the Ref Have to Redo the Coin Toss? odds: (20-1)
    As a Cardinals fan and Arizona resident, had to include this one because its like a meta joke. We’re betting NO on this one though, yeah you have to bet $20 to win $1, but how often do re-coin-tosses really happen? Never thats how often.
  • Color of Sports Drink Poured in Winning Teams Coach (Blue, Orange, Clear, Red, Yellow, Purple)
    We’re backing Red in this classic SB Prop bet. This might be the original SB Prop bet.
  • First Touchdown Scorer Odds:
    • Cam Newton (CAR) +700
    • Greg Olsen (CAR) +750
    • Jonathan Stewart (CAR) +800
    • C.J. Anderson (DEN) +900
    • Demaryius Thomas (DEN) +900
    • Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) +900
    • Ted Ginn Jr. (CAR) +1000
    • Owen Daniels (DEN) +1400
    • Ronnie Hillman (DEN) +1400
    • Corey Brown (CAR) +1400
    • Mike Tolbert (CAR) +1600
    • Devin Funchess (CAR) +2000
    • Jerricho Cotchery (CAR) +2000
    • Andre Caldwell (DEN) +2500
    • Jordan Norwood (DEN) +2500
    • Ed Dickson (CAR) +3300
    • Peyton Manning (DEN) +5000
    • No touchdown scorer +6600
    • Field +550
      YOLO Fam, we’re going Peyton Manning and his +5000 mega odds.
  • Odds to win the MVP
    • Cam Newton -130
    • Peyton Manning +275
    • Luke Kuechly +1400
    • Ted Ginn Jr. +2000
    • C.J. Anderson +2000
    • Von Miller +2000
    • Greg Olsen +2200
    • Jonathan Stewart +2200
    • Demaryius Thomas +2200
    • Emmanuel Sanders +2200
    • Josh Norman +2800
    • Aqib Talib +3300
    • DeMarcus Ware +3300
    • Field +3300
    • Corey Brown +6600
    • Ronnie Hillman +6600
    • Owen Daniels +6600
    • Danny Trevathan +6600
    • Brandon McManus +6600
    • Darian Stewart +6600
    • Graham Gano +6600
    • Chris Harris Jr. +7500
    • Derek Wolfe +10000
    • Devin Funchess +10000
    • Brandon Marshall +10000
    • Mike Tolbert +15000
    • Kurt Coleman +15000

    For this bet you have to first figure who you think is going to win. For me, that is the Panthers. This immediately rules out any Broncos players, as the MVP of the Supe has come from the losing team just 1 time in 50 years. So then when we’re looking at Panthers players, and we’re gonna play it safe here and go with Cam Newton. The winning QB has won the MVP 5 of the last 6 games. So. Yeah.

And thats it, just liquidate all of your assets and bet the farm on this assortment of prop bets and we guarantee you something will happen. Thats a guarantee you can take to the bank. Good luck everyone!