How to Match Your Watch With Outfit

Watches are one of the most commonly purchased male accessories and learning how to match them with each of your outfits is an underrated skill. If you’re worried about your wallet, don’t be – you can always save on your purchase by using coupons for such stores as World of Watches. However, it’s even more important that you know how to go about your brand new watch. It has been said that you can tell a lot about a man by the way that he wears his watch and if you’d like to make the right impression, be sure to read on to learn more!

1. Knowing The Occasion

There are a number of different occasions and each one of them requires a different watch if you want to look your best. Let’s take a closer look at the three most common occasions and the best way to match a watch to your outfit for every one of those.

    • Elegant

An elegant watch is not flashy or gaudy, they are more simplistic. Simple and sophisticated watches that are worn at elegant occasions are best accompanied by an equally simple and sophisticated suit. Elegant timepieces are usually made of silver, gold or white gold, and you can choose a color that pops while still looking well mannered. Tuxes should never be worn with watches, but formal suits and watches tend to go quite well together.

    • Casual

Casual watches allow playfulness and creativity to intersect. A laid back situation gives you more options to play with and while a colorful watch may not the best choice for a business casual environment, it will work perfectly for a night out with friends. Most watches would fall in the casual category and it is up to you to decide how strict the circumstances are.

    • Sporty

Sporty watches are best for a trip to the gym or watching the big game at a local sports bar. They typically come equipped with digital displays and plenty of buttons and switches. Many sporty watches are also waterproof, so that they can be worn during swimming and diving excursions, which makes them the ultimate choice.

2. Knowing Your Body Frame

Being honest with yourself about your body type is key. The thinner you are, the slimmer the watch you should wear. A larger man is able to wear a wrist that is bigger, boxier and more robust. A small man who still chooses to wear a big watch often looks as if he stole the timepiece from his much bigger friend or family member. And the other way around, a more heavy set who tries to wear a slim watch typically looks like his arm is being slowly strangled.

3. Color Schemes

Getting right down to business, yes, you can wear gold and silver together, since they are both neutral colors. Black watches are considered to be the most formal, while white and khaki colors are considered casual. The more colorful the watch, the more likely it is to be worn on a casual occasion. Sporty watches are usually brighter than formal watches, as well, so keep that in mind. However, in the end, the choice belongs to you!