How to Break Up Properly

We know that your relationships are beautiful and you want to save them like this. But what if one day you wake up with the understanding that you do not love her anymore. Or that you do not know where all this thing is going. Sometimes we need to initiate a breakup, which is, at first sight, no good. By far, it happens that staying together is much worse than leaving someone. In this article, we and Russian Dating agency are going to talk about a proper breakup. We also prepared a step-by-step guide to deciding on and processing a breakup itself.

Before you start picking time and place for a breakup, you need to make sure that it is what you truly want. Often men initiate a breakup after an awkward meeting with parents or a big fight. Your anger and the distressed state of mind usually create an image of the inevitable end of your relationships. We recommend thinking twice beforehand. Even if you change you your mind after leaving your girlfriend and she turns out to be stupid enough to get back to you, the relationships are not going to be the same. In fact, starting a new relationship with the same girl is a bad idea in 90% of cases. To help you decide if the time has come for leaving her, we offer you to make up a list of her advantages and disadvantages, both for a girlfriend and an individuality focusing your attention of the second. We agree that love has nothing to do with convenience, which is represented by a pro-and-cons list, but sometimes it helps understand your feelings. Lastly, ask yourself this question: would you be happier if you were not together anymore?

Nevertheless, if you came up with a strong verdict, we got a list of useful tips for a generous and appropriate breakup:

1. No postponements. Do not ever put off a breakup if you have decided that you want it. The longer it lasts, the harder it becomes to leave her. You will become nervous and annoyed with that inner fight, and it will become even more complicated to leave her.
2. Timing is everything. Girls are generally sensitive. You need to choose the proper time (and place) to say her that everything is over. We are not talking about a certain hour of a day; it does not really matter when it happens. An appropriate situation is essential in this case. First, omit such occasions as someone’s wedding, shopping in a mall, visiting a café or restaurant. As well, stay away of a tragic event, for example, her parent’s death. The golden rule is to avoid birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and, as we have already mentioned, other people’s weddings. It is unbelievably mean to initiate a breakup alongside with these occasions.
3. A face-to-face trouble. The modern community is obsessed with the Internet and social networks. Moreover, people would sometimes use social media to break up. It sounds cruel itself. Imagine how painful and, at the same time, irritating it is to get a breakup email. We know that it eases everything and you do not have to meet and see her awkwardly sniveling in a public place. Nevertheless, social networks are one of the unkindest ways to inform a girl that you are no longer together. It takes courage to face this trouble, but you are a man and can overcome anything.
4. Not the time to be brutal. You will have to be honest. Your girl will try her best to understand your reasons for leaving her. However, if you are not telling her the truth, she will figure that out. Simultaneously, there is no need to be evil. Such lines as “We are so over!” and “I’m dumping you!” are totally unsuitable. Your girl would probably want to hear why the relationship ended, without the dissection lingering on anything particularly vindictive or painful. Tell your girl something that you will miss about her or some other positive so she does not walk away feeling that you are completely without memories of why you were attracted in the first place. Note: do not use such clichés as “it’s not you, it’s me”, a girl would never forgive that.
5. Control your emotions. Be ready for a quarrel. For a massive scandal, to be straightforward. A woman would do her best to find out the real reason for a breakup, and if she does not agree – wait for the storm. If it happens so, control your emotions, do not answer her screams etc. Only try to discount when the conversation is yelling and screaming, try to be and remain civil in all other situations. Be honest and sensitive and try to listen to their emotions and act upon them. When the storm subsides, she will be thankful for your moderate reaction.