Who Would You Pick in Your Fantasy Baseball Team?

Running your own fantasy baseball team isn’t as easy as it sounds. There is so much with statistics that goes into the study of baseball that everyone has a completely different opinion. Below are a few great options to start with.


Courtesy of foxsports.com

Miguel Sano
Miguel Sano, out of Minnesota, isn’t included in many fantasy baseball leagues. This is surprising because this 6 foot 4 rookie has hit .284 with 10 home runs. He also played well in the minors with a .278 average with 105 home runs, 33 stolen bases (he knows how to slide), and 339 RBIs during his five years before he made it up to the major leagues.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t strike out when up to bat. He actually strikes out 34% of the time with more than 55 strike outs, but even some of the past Baseball greats were famous for that.

Khris Davis
Khris Davis has a respectable .795 OPS, but he doesn’t get as much love in the fantasy leagues as he might. He can surprise and really impress you with the number of multiple-homer games that he can pull out of his bag of tricks. Certainly one to consider as a bit of an underdog.

Trevor Plouffe
Trevor Plouffe is never off the field for too long. He’s been hitting in the .250s even though he doesn’t always get to play. He’s often left out of popular fantasy baseball leagues in favor of the famous players of baseball. It seems like a mistake to us.

Delino DeShields Jr.
Delino DeShields Jr. is not exactly a name that simply rolls of the tongue. But one thing he has got down to a fine art is sliding right to the plate to steal that base. In fact, since transferring over to the Rangers he’s stolen more than 20 bases! He’s getting a bit of a reputation for it now. He’s also had a batting average in the mid 250s which isn’t at all bad. A perfect player to put up to bat when there is a need to add some new urgency to the game and push the players around the bases when the action seems stagnant.

Jarrod Dyson
If Delino DeShields Jr. is not available, then why not consider Jarrod Dyson? He’s also built up a stolen bases tally of over 22 bases. He has a solid batting average too which puts Dyson into contention as a regular on the fantasy team just for his batting skills alone.

Drew Hutchinson
For sheer winning ability though, you’ll need someone like Drew Hutchinson in your league. Despite being sent down to the minors for carrying an excessive ERA, it is expected that Hutchinson will recover. His Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) has been 3.96 which demonstrates that there’s real skill in his hands and rules out boned-headed luck. He’s sure to be a top choice in sports simulation games!

We tend to favor the underdogs with our fantasy picks for baseball. We notice that players who are down but have skills often rebound quickly. Not a bad thing to have in your player roster.