Transform Your Workspace in 5 Easy Steps

If your workspace is a little dated and in need of a major overhaul, you’re in luck. Here are five steps you can follow that will completely transform your workspace or home office into a productive space that will help you achieve your business or personal project goals.


Step 1: Clear Out Your Office

First things first: in order to completely transform your workspace into a more productive and inspiring environment, you’ll first need to see what you’re dealing with. The best thing to do is clear out everything in your office space so what you are left with is a blank slate. Not only will this help you get rid of all the stuff you no longer need, but the blank space will allow you to generate some fresh ideas on what you’d like the new version of your workspace to look like. It will also make things easier if you decide the walls of your office need a fresh layer of paint.

Step 2: Get Inspired and Create a Layout

Once your room has been cleared, sit down with a pen and paper and create a layout for your new workspace. The design you come up with will need to be compatible with the dimensions of your room, so be realistic. If you have any friends or family that know anything about interior design, invite them over for a coffee or give them a call and ask them for their advice.

Step 3: Buy the Furniture

Now comes the exciting part! After completing your layout, and once you have a pretty clear image of the workspace you wish to create, grab as many furniture brochures as you can and start selecting desks, chairs and book shelves you wish to furnish your new workspace with. If brochures are hard to come by, jump online instead; the websites of office furniture specialists like Super Amart ( are great places to start. Start this process as early as possible as sometimes your ideal piece of furniture may need to be shipped in from elsewhere and you don’t want to waste too much of your time waiting for things to arrive.

Step 4: Create the Right Mood and Environment

After purchasing all your furniture and setting it up, it’s now time to think carefully about the kind of mood you wish to create. The best workspaces are those that allow you to be as productive as possible, with minimum distraction and maximum comfort. Place a few pot plants in and around your office to brighten up the room and to help you relax and concentrate. Spider plants, peace lilies and rubber plants fare particularly well in indoor environments. Make sure you also have enough light in your new workspace. Natural light is always best, but you can also use some well-placed lamps and spotlights to create the ideal environment.

Step 5: Purchase All the Bells and Whistles You Need to Be as Productive as Possible

The last thing you should do before finally settling down for a good stint of work is to furnish your workspace with all the modern bells and whistles that will make your work life that much easier. Consider purchasing a second monitor if you find yourself constantly switching back-and-forth between different windows. Grab a decent printer that will suit your needs. Perhaps purchase a whiteboard to jot down those goals you’re working towards or those great ideas you’ve had.

What have your experiences been when transforming your workspace? Do you have any tips or suggestions?